Veterans Affairs Benefits

Welcome to Seattle University School of Law! Here is where you will find resources for using your education benefits, resources, and community. At Seattle University this community includes veterans, reservists, active duty and dependents.  

Please review the items below and if you have any questions please contact Megan Peter at (206) 398.4154 or e-mail

Getting Started

Required Documents

Yellow Ribbon

Certification Process


Getting Started

Required Documents

Yellow Ribbon Program

The School of Law participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which gives eligible students up to $10,000 of extra funds towards tuition and fees. The Yellow Ribbon Program is a fund matching program, where SU gives you $5,000 and the VA matches it, giving you the extra $10,000/year. We currently have 18 spots on the list for JD students only.* The list is generated on a first come, first served basis, but you will be on the list for your entire time in law school.** In order to be put on the list, you must submit your Certificate of Eligibility, your DD-214 (if applicable) and your deposit confirming your attendance at SU School of Law.

*If you are an LLM or MLS student you can still use your VA education benefits but do not qualify for Yellow Ribbon.
**Unless you exhaust all your benefits then you are no longer Yellow Ribbon eligible

Certification Process

At the School of Law, we have a two-step certification process with the VA. This to make sure your BAH payments come on time each month. For Fall semester you will be certified in the beginning of July for credits only. For Spring Semester you will be certified the week following registration for credits only. For both semesters the week after you will be certified for tuition and fees. This means if you make any changes to your schedule during credit certification and tuition certification you do not need to notify the SCO. If you make any changes to your schedule after add/drop of any term, you MUST notify the SCO.

For summer terms, you must opt-in to have your credits certified. You will receive an e-mail at the end of February/beginning of March explaining the process for summer certification and the amount of VA benefits you have left for the year.

Because of the two-step certification process, the VA may send you a letter that indicates that no tuition and fees have been paid. DO NOT FREAK OUT. The letter often times gets sent before tuition and fees are billed for. Once this process has occurred the VA will send an updated letter explaining how much was paid.


How do my benefits work with scholarships?

The VA requires that all scholarships be taken into account first before applying your education benefits to your tuition bill. This is not the same for loans. You can receive your loan as a "refund" and it does not have to be applied to your account before the VA benefits will kick in. If you are using Chapter 33 Post-9/11 benefits you can use the Excel sheet below to calculate what your tuition costs may be for the term and/or the academic year.

Chapter 33 - Tuition Calculator

Directions for Calculator

What is the School Certifying Official?

The School Certifying Official (SCO) is the person on campus who is your liaison to the VA. The SCO is responsible for getting you set up to use your benefits, certifying your credits each semester and answering any questions you have about using education benefits while in law school.

Who is the SCO for the Law School?


Megan Peter is the Assistant Registrar and SCO for the Law School.

"My motto is ‘no news is good news' when using your benefits at SU. Once I have gotten all of your paperwork, you will be set up to use your benefits the entire time you are at SU. You don't have to reapply each term or each year. If the only contact I have with you, as a student-veteran, is the certification e-mails I send each term that means you are doing fine. BUT please feel free to reach out if you do have any questions - benefits related or not. I am here to help make sure you are the most successful you can be at SU."