Rule 9

The Rule 9 application may be downloaded from the WSBA website. Please note the Office of the Registrar only handles the degree progress confirmation of the application. Anything beyond that you will need to reach out to the WSBA at

Please see the steps below for submitting your Rule 9 application to the Office of the Registrar for competition.

If the student is responsible for submission:
Once you have a completed packet, except for the "Certification from Law School" (page 6), email a PDF of the complete packet to

The Registrar's Office will fill out Page 6 and then email the completed packet to the WSBA. You will be cc'd on the email.

Note: A completed packet includes the student portions, sponsoring attorney info and any addendum.

If you are paying the $50 fee, you will need to print a hard copy of the complete application to mail to the WSBA with the fee. The WSBA only takes cash or check.

If you are unable to print the hard copy, please send a note in with your check identifying yourself and indicate are unable to print the application. The WSBA will still process your application without the hard copy.

If sponsoring attorney is responsible for submission:
If your sponsoring attorney is submitting the Rule 9 Application your behalf, we are able to fill out just the "Certification from Law School" page (page 6), You will need to email this portion of the Rule 9 Application.
Once you have a completed application, it is your responsibility to send a PDF to the Registrar's Office to be added to your academic record.

No fee will be charged to a Rule 9 applicant who is enrolled in a law school clinical program that provides free legal services for low-income clients. However, when that enrollment terminates, students wishing to continue as licensed legal interns will be required to pay the $50 fee to the WSBA.

The Change of Supervising Attorney form may be e-mailed or mailed directly to the WSBA.