Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are printed on red and white scrip-safe paper and bear the facsimile signature of the School of Law Registrar. Official transcripts are sealed in special transcript envelopes; if the envelope is opened the transcript becomes unofficial. We do not offer official electronic transcripts.

Unofficial Transcripts

Current students and alumni who still have access to MySU can download unofficial transcripts instantly. Under the Academics section (graduation cap on the far left) select the down arrow and select "Unofficial Transcripts" from the listed option. If you no longer have access to MySU, the Office of the Registrar can provide them for free using the appropriate requesting method. Unofficial transcripts can be sent on paper, by fax, or by email as pdf documents. Hard copies of Unofficial transcripts from the Office of the Registrar will have a white background bearing the Seattle University School of Law logo and a watermark that notes the transcript is unofficial. Emailed unofficial transcripts will be on plain white paper.

Requesting Transcripts by Email

Current Seattle University School of Law students and alumni can submit a transcript request by emailing from their Seattle University email accounts which serves as an electronic signature.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Your name
  • Your Seattle U ID
  • Whether you need an official or unofficial transcript
  • Where the transcripts should be sent (unofficial transcripts can be emailed, faxed, mailed, or picked up. Official transcripts must be mailed or picked up).

Requesting Transcripts Using the Document Request Form

Current students and alumni can request a transcript by submitting a completed Document Request Form. The request form must bear your hand-written signature or electronic signature. Please note, for former students, a student ID is not required when submitting the form.

For the quickest processing of the form can be emailed to Please see the form for mailing address and fax number if unable to email.

It is not necessary to mail an original copy if you choose to submit your form by fax or email.

Transcript Cost

Official and unofficial transcripts are free for current students (except for transcripts for transfer applications, see Transfer Packet Request for details). Alumni and former students are charged $5.00 for each official transcript. There is no charge for unofficial transcripts. We cannot accept credit card payments. Please pay by cash, check or money order. If you are faxing or emailing a request, you may mail your payment separately to the address on the Document Request Form.

Transfer Packet Requests

Students requesting transcripts for the purpose of law school transfer applications must complete a Transfer Packet Request. This allows us to accurately track all required documents.

Transcripts from Other Schools or Other Seattle University Programs

Seattle University School of Law cannot provide you official or unofficial copies of other school's transcripts. You must request those transcripts directly from the school.

Seattle University School of Law cannot provide official or unofficial transcripts for other Seattle University programs. You must request undergraduate or graduate transcripts from the Seattle University Office of the Registrar.