Transfer Students, Visiting Students and Auditors

Special policies and procedures apply to students who are not currently enrolled in Seattle University School of Law's Juris Doctor program.

Transfer Students

Registration for the Fall Semester takes place in May. Transfer students who have been admitted to Seattle University School of Law before registration begins will participate in registration lotteries and appointments. Transfer students who are admitted after registration has taken place will work one-on-one with staff from the Office of the Registrar to register for the fall semester. Our goal is to provide transfer students with registration results similar to those of our continuing students. 

Visiting Students

Visiting students admitted to Seattle University School of Law may register after all registration appointments have begun. While we understand that visitors may be required to take particular classes by their home-schools, we cannot guarantee space in these classes. Registration priority is given to students enrolled in our Juris Doctor program.  


Alumni of Seattle University School of Law are entitled to six free alumni course credits. See the Alumni Credits and Audit page for more information.  

Students who have earned a Juris Doctor degree or its equivalent at another university may be eligible to audit classes. Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 206-398-4150 or for more information.  

Current Seattle University School of Law students may not audit classes.