Registration Appointments

Fall and Spring Semester Registration Appointments

Part-time Students
Students in the part-time program will be assigned a single appointment time. All courses beginning at 4 p.m. or later will be open to part-time students during this appointment with the exception of clinics. Part-time students may sign-up for the clinic course lottery but are not given preference for evening clinics over full-time students.

Courses beginning before 4 p.m. will have a limited number of seats open to part-time students. If those seats fill please add yourself to the course waitlist. We will contact you if a seat is available after full-time registration appointments.

Part-time students who enroll primarily in daytime classes may choose to participate in full-time registration instead of part-time registration. They must notify the Registrar at least one day before registration appointments begin. No student will be allowed to register during both part-time and full-time registration.

Full-time Students Registering for their 3L or 4L Year
Full-time students in or beginning their 3L or 4L year are assigned a single appointment time and may register for a maximum of 16 credits during that appointment.

Full-time Students Registering for their 2L Year
Full-time students beginning their 2L year register in two stages.

Fall Constitutional Law, Legal Writing II and Bar Success Prescribed Curriculum Pre-registration
Before fall registration, 1L students will preregister for 2L required classes. All 1L full-time students may select a fall Constitutional Law section and a fall or spring Legal Writing II section. Students required to complete the Bar Success Prescribed Curriculum may also pre-register for their additional 2L requirements, Trusts and Estates and the Enhanced Analytical Skills Lab.

Fall and Spring Registration
During regular fall registration and during spring registration, full time students registering for their 2L year may register for up to 16 credits. Full-time students may register for any course with open seats (including evening courses). Students may add themselves to the waitlist for full courses during this time (waitlisted courses do not count toward the 16 credit limit).

Appointment Order

Fall and spring registration appointments are assigned by class year. Full-time class years are further broken down into four registration groups (A, B, C, D). Students are randomly assigned a registration group of A, B, C, or D before fall registration for their 2L year. This remains their registration group until graduation. Registration group order rotates with each registration, giving all students a turn a being first to register within their year cohort.

For students in their 2L - 4L year as of Spring 2021, the appointment order for Fall 2021 - Spring 2023 is as follows:

Fall 2021 (21FS): B, A, D, C
Spring 2022 (22SS): C, D, A, B
Fall 2022 (22FS): A, B, C, D
Spring 2023 (23SS): D, C, B, A

For students in their 1L year as of Spring 2021 the appointment order for Fall 2021 - Spring 2023 is as follows:

Fall 2021 (21FS):
2L Required Course Preregistration: A, B, C, D
Regular Fall 2021 Registration: D, C, B, A
Spring 2022 (22SS): C, D, A, B
Fall 2022 (22FS): B, A, D, C
Spring 2023 (23SS): A, B, C, D

Summer Registration Appointments

All students will receive one registration appointment for summer. Full-time students may register for up to 8 credits and Part-time students up to 6 credits during their registration appointments. Summer appointments are assigned by program and then class year. Part-time students register first for the summer semester. Registration groups are not used in assigning summer appointments.

Appointment Time Conflicts

If you do not have computer access during your registration appointment time, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 206-398-4150 or We will make arrangements to register you for classes during your appointment time. We will not reassign your appointment to an earlier time due to a conflict.