Late Registration

Registration for most courses will close at the add/drop deadline (the Friday of the first week of classes). Before the add/drop deadline, you may make registration changes online. In courses where a substantial amount of material is covered in the first week, registration may close earlier, usually after the first or second class meeting.

After the first week and until the end of the third week of the fall or spring semester, students may register for a class only with the professor's permission. No classes may be added after the Friday of the third week of classes. During the summer semester, late registration is not allowed.

Late Registration Form

To request late registration for a course, submit a completed Late Registration Form to the Office of The Registrar.

Professor Approvals

Approval from the course professor is required for late registration except in the following cases:

  1. The course has a late start-date and the student is adding the course before the course has begun to meet.
  2. Journal or competition credits are being added by an eligible student.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs Approval

Approval from the Associate Dean for Affairs is required for late registration if any of the following apply:

  1. The student is a first-year law student.
  2. The student will be registered for a credit overload.


Class attendance is expected by the faculty. The American Bar Association mandates that the Law School require regular and punctual class attendance in each course undertaken. Students must attend a minimum of 80% of classes for each course. Faculty members are free to implement more stringent attendance requirements. Students who register for a class late are expected to meet these attendance requirements and any classes they have already missed will be counted as absences.

Tuition Charges

Tuition for late-registration classes is due immediately. Once the class is added, students may view their updated tuition statement on SUOnline. Late fees and holds will be placed for any tuition balances not paid in full one week after registration. For more information see the Payments section of the Business Office website or contact the Business Office at 206-398-4050 or

Financial Aid

Changing your credit load can change your financial aid eligibility. Please contact Law Student Financial Services at 206-398-4250 or if you have any questions regarding the financial aid implications of your enrollment change.