Clinic and Externships Registration

For more information about clinic lottery and commitment policies please see the Registration Lotteries page.  

Students may not take more than one Clinic in a semester. Also, Students may not take an Externship and a Clinic course in the same semester. Students are welcome to sign onto any number of wait lists, but can be registered in only one Clinic or Externship. This rule is established to: 1) ensure students can meet time commitment obligations needed for effective client representation and Externship obligations; 2) maximize clinical opportunities for all students, and; 3) minimize conflicts of client interests.

In general, a student may register for no more than 15 clinical credits during law school. "Clinical Credits" include both Clinic Course and Externship credits. Unless a student takes a full-time externship (15 credits), students may not take more than 8 externship credits. To take the Family Law, Predatory Lending, and Youth Advocacy Clinics, students must be eligible to appear in court under Rule 9 of the Washington Rules of Practice. You must be in good standing and have completed, by the end of the semester or summer session before the course, 60 credit hours of study (full-time students), or 56 credit hours of study (part-time students).

As a functioning law office, the Law Clinic must comply with all rules governing conflicts of interest. Because the Law Clinic is a single entity, any student enrolling in any clinic course (except Arts Legal and Bankruptcy) must be screened for conflicts with respect to any of the Clinic’s work. Thus, no student can enroll in any clinical course while also working (in any capacity, for pay or not) for an organization which is adverse to any of the clinic’s clients. Students may not work for a prosecutor’s office while enrolled in any clinic course because the Youth Advocacy Clinic collaborates with The Defender Association as defense counsel on cases. Students interested in taking any clinic course are encouraged to consult with clinic faculty to be sure that their employment or other activities will not present any conflicts of interest.

Please refer to the Ronald A. Peterson Clinic Web site for more information about Clinical programs, Course Descriptions, and policy.