Application for Graduation

Students eligible to graduate from Seattle University School of Law complete the Law Application for Graduation on SUOnline the semester prior to their last term. This allows the Office of the Registrar enough time to audit records and consult with the student to ensure that all graduation requirements are met. Completion of the Application for Graduation is extremely important - it is from this application that we confirm your correct name for the graduation program and diploma. Please include your permanent address for accurate delivery of your diploma. Diplomas are mailed approximately ten weeks after graduation.

Administrative Tuition Credit

In the event that a graduating student is required to take an additional one or two credits above the required 90 as a result of their schedule, the Registrar may grant an administrative tuition credit at the time of validation. If approved, the student would then be charged tuition for only the number of credits taken up to 90. Please be advised that such credits may impact your financial aid eligibility. Administrative tuition credit will not be granted to allow a student to take additional courses beyond the required 90 credits. Contact the Office of the Registrar at or (206) 398.4150 if you should have questions.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a Juris Doctor degree at Seattle University School of Law, students must meet all Academic Requirements.


For information on the Commencement ceremony see Student Life's Graduation page.