Bookstore Charges

In the event application of student aid exceeds the remaining balance on a student account, the Business Office may issue a Campus Card credit for the University Bookstore.  Amounts will be determined by available aid and projected cost of books and supplies. This will be charged to the student account and deducted from the refund check upon receipt. Students may request a refund for any unused funds over $25.00 at the Business Office. Balances $25.00 and under will not be refunded.

Emergency Loans

The Business Office may award short-term loans for those in a financial emergency. There are both short term (maximum value $200; 30-day term) and Ravetti loans (maximum value $1,000) available. Ravetti loans are given based on the student having enough pending financial aid available to cover the amount of the loan.  See the Business Office for more information.

Lockers & Community Refrigerator

Lockers are available for all law students. A refundable $10 deposit is required and can be paid through the Business Office.

The SBA sponsors a community refrigerator on the first floor of Sullivan Hall. Access is restricted to law students, and a key can be obtained for a $10 deposit, payable through the Business Office. All questions regarding the refrigerator should be directed to the SBA.

Law School Print Account Credits

Each law student is given a printing credit of 750 free pages for the academic year. After these pages have been used, students may purchase print credit at 5 cents per page through the Business Office.

For additional information, contact the Business Office at (206) 398.4050.