2021 Press Coverage

Boruchowitz receives the Innovation in Criminal Justice Education Award

September 25, 2021

Professor from Practice Robert C. Boruchowitz received the Innovation in Criminal Justice Education Award for 2021 from the Seattle U Crime and Justice Research Center.

The Census Bureau’s first ever data on LGBTQ+ people indicates deep disparities

September 24, 2021

Professor Dean Spade says smaller studies that look at specific issues are often the most helpful.

Arizona breaks new ground in nixing peremptory challenges

September 01, 2021

Professor Robert Chang said he expected a more incremental approach to address jury diversity.

Dems' Bid To Ban Workplace Arbitration Faces Uphill Fight

August 05, 2021

Professor Charlotte Garden says arbitration makes it more difficult to resolve unsettled employment law issues.

Be careful, getting fired over a vaccine mandate may cost you unemployment aid

August 05, 2021

Professor Charlotte Garden says workers could forfeit unemployment benefits if they're fired for refusing a vaccine.

Washington's antitrust push could limit Amazon, Google's health care ambitions

July 01, 2021

John Kirkwood is quoted in this article about efforts to break up big tech companies.

The dark history of the Chinese Exclusion Act

July 01, 2021

Robert Chang is the educator behind this animated video explaining the Chinese Exclusion Act.

Medical cannabis data remain limited, leaving physicians reluctant to prescribe it

July 01, 2021

Steven Bender's insights on racial disparities in marijuana law enforcement are included in this article.

Amazon's reported $9B bid for MGM would make it 'king' of streaming but likely wouldn't be blocked

May 25, 2021

Professor John Kirkwood says federal regulators are busy with other big cases.

Episode 003: Casey Martin v PGA Tour

May 19, 2021

Professor Andrew Siegel was a guest on this podcast to discuss a disabled golfer's right to use a golf cart during competition.

Compassion Seattle has a plan for a tent-free city. Does it hold up?

April 29, 2021

This article cites Homeless Rights Advocacy Project research about the hidden cost of not addressing homelessness.

ANALYSIS - Nevada rethinks 'innovation zones' plan to let tech firms run cities

April 28, 2021

Professor Charles O'Kelley says fears about government losing control are overblown.

Amazon gears up to defend itself against escalating antitrust scrutiny

April 04, 2021

Breakups of big firms rarely happen, Professor John Kirkwood says.

Opioid Overdoses, Hidden Homeless Crisis, and Teen Trials

April 01, 2021

This COVID-19 podcast mentions Professor Sara Rankin's comments on the increase in vehicle residency.

Seattle law professor: Asian-American history often viewed as 'side subject'

March 19, 2021

History lessons often exclude the stories of minorities, says Professor Robert Chang.

The Tech Industry Is Abuzz About the PRO Act. What Is It?

March 18, 2021

Professor Charlotte Garden says the PRO Act wouldn't override other definitions of "employee."

Lawmakers Look to Spruce Up Gig Work Rather Than Replace It

March 18, 2021

Professor Charlotte Garden says the compromise measure in Connecticut has serious shortcomings.

The Impact and Legacy of Mutual Aid

March 02, 2021

Professor Dean Spade says mutual aid is the "bread and butter" of all social movements.

SU law professor: State was 'actually an outlier' before court ruling on drug possession

February 26, 2021

Professor Deborah Ahrens says Washington was the only state with strict liability for drug possession.

Looking to get around court rulings on homelessness, Washington cities may offer shelter, then crack down

February 20, 2021

Professor Sara Rankin says public health concerns provide a loophole the "size of the grand canyon" for homeless camp sweeps.

COVID crisis: After losing jobs and homes, more people are living in cars and RVs and it's getting worse

February 19, 2021

Professor Sara Rankin said vehicle residency is one of the fastest growing forms of homelessness.

As Ted Cruz travels, mutual aid groups are stepping up in Texas

February 18, 2021

Professor Dean Spade explains the difference between charity and mutual aid.

Dean Spade On Mobilization And The Limits Of The Law

February 12, 2021

Dean Spade joins the podcast to discuss building the movement for single payer.

Mutual Aid (With Dean Spade)

February 10, 2021

Dean Spade joins the podcast to talk about his new book on mutual aid.

Fight to Win

February 01, 2021

Professor Dean Spade's new book on mutual aid provides a "critical framework" for movements.

Biden Reverses Trump's Trans Military Ban, But Assault on Rights Continues at State Level

January 26, 2021

An excerpt of Professor Dean Spade's interview about trans military service is included in this piece.

Concern for US homeless population as street counts cancelled amid pandemic

January 21, 2021

Tallies help politicians pay attention to homelessness issues, says Professor Sara Rankin.

Mutual aid providing better grounds for serving the community

January 20, 2021

Mutual aid is empowering and participatory, says Professor Dean Spade.

Addressing the reactionary fight for the unsheltered

January 19, 2021

This opinion piece quotes Professor Dean Spade's warning that activists should avoid being self-congratulatory.

9 out of Washington state's 10 U.S. Representatives vote to impeach President Trump

January 13, 2021

Professor Andrew Siegel discusses whether the move is more than symbolic.

Parler CEO complains about backlash from tech world

January 12, 2021

Professor Steve Tapia says a negative image creates a barrier for tech companies hosting conservative sites.

Seattle author says 'mutual aid' will be crucial in 2021 and beyond

January 07, 2021

Professor Dean Spade's new book is featured in this article about pooling resources and building a more just society.

Google Union's Future Likely Hinges on Tech Giant's Response

January 06, 2021

The union can work creatively to put pressure on Google, says Professor Charlotte Garden.

Over 1,000 New Lawyers Get Licenses Without Taking Bar Exam

January 04, 2021

Professor Robert Chang discusses the educational benefits of diploma privilege.