2020 Press Coverage

Kickstarter Union Vote Could Spark More Tech Organizing

February 18, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden says more union drives could be on the way.

DoorDash's multimillion-dollar arbitration mistake

February 16, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden says clever workers have turned an arbitration policy into a nightmare for their employer.

Seattle-Area Bikini Baristas Take Their Fight All the Way to the Supreme Court

February 11, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden says there's a very small chance SCOTUS will hear the case.

Uber Falters in First Legal Attack on California Gig Worker Law

February 07, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden said the companies were likely hoping for a regulation-averse judge.

Uber Urges California Court to End Law That Gives Gig Workers Benefits

February 07, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden calls the legal maneuver "an extreme long shot."

McKinsey Bankruptcy

February 06, 2020

Professor Diane Lourdes Dick explains what precedent is set by a complicated, high-profile bankruptcy case. (At 1:09:38)

After Judge's 'Troubling' Behavior, Lawmakers Question Court Misconduct Rules

February 06, 2020

A letter from lawmakers is a "big step" toward judiciary reforms, Professor Brooke Coleman says.

Public Space, No Exceptions

February 04, 2020

Professor Sara Rankin explains that when cities make it illegal to be homeless, they make it more difficult for people to escape homelessness.

'Scared for my life': why more Indians are joining migrants on risky journey to reach the US

February 03, 2020

Professor Tayyab Mahmud says the economy, not persecution, drives global migration.

We ended race discrimination at the lunch counter; now let's ban it in the jury box

February 02, 2020

North Carolina's Supreme Court should end discriminatory juror strikes, writes Professor Robert Chang.

State proposal would let King County tax large businesses to pay for homelessness and housing

January 29, 2020

Professor Sara Rankin says people are hungry for a solution to chronic homelessness.

A West Coast union faces bankruptcy. Here's why unions nationwide are unnerved

January 28, 2020

A Chapter 11 bankruptcy forces disclosure of private financial information, says Professor Diane Lourdes Dick.

Duquesne Exempt From NLRA, Beats Adjunct Faculty Union Push

January 28, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden is quoted in this story about whether national labor law applies to religious schools.

Argument analysis: May a federal employer say "OK, boomer" to a job applicant?

January 16, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden analyzes oral argument in Babb v. Wilkie.

Rep. Sherman Mack’s close relationship with judge raises concerns with House Speaker vote ahead

January 11, 2020

Judges should tell litigants when their former law partners appear before them in court, says Professor John Strait.

Argument preview: What counts as discrimination "based on" age?

January 08, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden analyzes Babb v. Wilkie, a case pending at the U.S. Supreme Court.

How Local and Federal Policies are Criminalizing Homelessness

January 02, 2020

Professor Sara Rankin calls these policies "anti-survival laws."

Amazon employee group says company threatened to fire climate activists

January 02, 2020

Professor Charlotte Garden says speech protections are different for private-sector workers.