2019 Press Coverage

Google Will Stop Making Employees Waive Class Action Rights

February 21, 2019

Professor Charlotte Garden says the company's move is a "major step forward."

In Seattle, 1 in 5 people booked into jail are homeless

February 19, 2019

Social services would be more effective and less costly than jail, says Professor Sara Rankin.

Bezos Blackmail and First Amendment

February 08, 2019

Professor Bryan Adamson explains how the First Amendment doesn't protect blackmail.

What does a federal lawsuit mean for Seattle's safe injection sites?

February 08, 2019

Professor Deborah Ahrens contrasts support for marijuana legalization with attitudes toward opioids.

Amazon Workers Are Denouncing Unions by Using Suspiciously Similar Tweets, but It's Apparently Not Coordinated

February 06, 2019

Professor Charlotte Garden says recruiting anti-union Twitter ambassadors would violate labor law.

Kelso teacher-student conflict poses question: Is online criticism bullying?

February 03, 2019

Professor Andrew Siegel says schools can discipline students for speech that disrupts the classroom.

Howard Schultz’s Presidential Run Could Hurt Starbucks

January 30, 2019

Professor Charles O'Kelley says Starbucks should aggressively separate from Howard Schultz to avoid politics.

Death to Scabby: Trump Labor Counsel Wants Protest Icon Deflated

January 22, 2019

Scabby the giant inflatable rat has a venerable history in the labor movement, says Professor Charlotte Garden.

America's Teachers Are Furious

January 22, 2019

Professor Charlotte Garden says the L.A. teachers' strike could be a pivotal moment in modern labor activism.

Could WA politicians force Trump's hand on tax returns?

January 16, 2019

Professor Andrew Siegel says Washington could lead the way on requiring the release of presidential tax returns.

Women Now Run the Military-Industrial Complex. That’s Nothing To Celebrate.

January 12, 2019

Professor Dean Spade says feminism is being co-opted to sell a violent institution.

Restaurateur Chad Mackay sees opportunity for nimble, regional players

January 11, 2019

Feature story mentions Seattle U Law's Third Door Coalition to end homelessness.

More Minority Women Ascend to Law Dean Jobs

January 10, 2019

A conference established by Seattle University School of Law has helped minority women prepare for law school leadership.

Jeff Bezos' divorce could soon make MacKenzie Bezos one of Amazon's biggest shareholders

January 10, 2019

Professor Deirdre Bowen says Washington law would likely govern the Bezos divorce.

Does Gov. Inslee's marijuana pardon measure not go far enough?

January 10, 2019

Professor Deborah Ahrens says the state should be more proactive in clearing marijuana convictions.

Director's Corner: We care more about optics than homeless people

January 02, 2019

Professor Sara Rankin is quoted in this editorial criticizing Seattle's strategy to combat homelessness.