2018 Press Coverage

Chief Leschi lives on 160 years after his execution

February 14, 2018

Reference librarian Kelly Kunsch explains the improper judicial proceedings that led to the execution of Nisqually Chief Leschi.

GrubHub drivers are independent contractors — not employees — under California law, judge rules

February 08, 2018

Professor Charlotte Garden says stricter standards in California make the win especially significant.

Seattle is putting fences under its bridges to keep campers out — and some say that's wrong

February 06, 2018

Professor Sara Rankin says people with places to live can't always spot "hostile architecture."

Litigation Over Seattle Law Allowing Unionization For Ride-Share Drivers Continues

February 06, 2018

Professor Charlotte Garden says judges are grappling with the new law.

How minor offenses feed overcrowding at Houston youth jail

February 02, 2018

Professor Paul Holland says overcrowding at a youth jail in Texas is a system problem, not a kid problem.

The Eminent Libertarians Who Might Save Public Sector Unions

February 02, 2018

Two legal scholars could be very influential in a pending Supreme Court case on union fees, according to Charlotte Garden.

Hyundai Class Ruling 'Gift to Corporate Defendants'

January 25, 2018

Brooke Coleman says a ruling that appears to be pro-plaintiff might actually benefit corporate defendants.

Google is being sued for discriminating against men and women. Both can't be true.

January 16, 2018

Charlotte Garden looks at conflicting claims about gender discrimination at Google.

For Homeless Seattleites, a Reprieve From the Debilitating Burden of Warrants

January 10, 2018

Sara Rankin explains that outstanding warrants lead to a "cycle of arrest, detention and default and rearrest" for people who are homeless.