Law school hosts meeting with EPA staff and community members

January 13, 2014

The School of Law will host an important public meeting with senior staff from the Environmental Protection Agency and community groups working on environmental justice issues.

Matt Tejada, the new director of the Office of Environmental Justice, and Lisa Garcia, senior advisor to the administrator for environmental justice, will meet with members of community groups from 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. Tuesday, Jan 14, in room 110 of Sullivan Hall.

The EPA-community partners meeting was set up to provide an opportunity for grassroots community groups to convey their concerns directly to senior EPA staff  from Washington, D.C. Professor Catherine O'Neill had requested that students in her Environmental Justice Seminar be able to attend.

Catherine O'Neill "I thought it would provide an excellent opportunity for the students in my Environmental Justice seminar to hear directly from those affected by environmental injustice in our community, and to observe first-hand how the EPA is responding to the concerns articulated."

The EPA agreed, and the venue was changed to the law school -- an extraordinary opportunity.

"By hosting this meeting, the law school will further the law school's and university's roles as community-oriented institutions, committed to issues of social justice," O'Neill said. "The meeting will afford the opportunity for our students to make connections with community groups with whom they might undertake service learning projects and will strengthen our relationship with the regional and nationl EPA offices, which are desirable sources of externships and employment for our students."