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June 22, 2019

How Real Estate Responds to Disruptive Change

5:30 a.m.  -  2:15 p.m.

Learn how real estate responds to disruptive change at this free one-day symposium, an outgrowth of the Summer Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (SITIE).

Panel discussions will feature expert lawyers, regional policy makers, educators, and industry leaders.

Who should attend: land use attorneys, government officials, affordable housing advocates, community activists, real estate developers and brokers, builders, and anyone with an interest in public policy.

SESSION 1: Opportunity Zones
SESSION 2: Pros and Cons of Upzoning
SESSION 3: Data Privacy and Smart Cities: Are the Trade-Offs Worth It?
SESSION 4: Pay-to-Play: Should Government Pay for Economic Development (and, if so, How)?

Full agenda here (PDF).

RSVP here. Not required for students enrolled in course.