Endowment Gifts

Endowment Gifts ensure the long-term success of Seattle University School of Law. Top priorities include scholarships, faculty support, and academic student programs. Sample named gift opportunities include:

  • Competition Award/Prizes - $25,000 minimum
    Provides financial support in recognition of graduate student or faculty excellence. Examples include: Moot Court competitions, James E. Bond Competition, and Dispute Resolution Board competitions.
  • Scholarship - $50,000 minimum
    Supports financial aid to qualified graduate students. Student selection criteria may include financial need, academic merit, community service or other preferences communicated by the investor.
  • Program Support - $100,000 minimum
    Provides ongoing support to a particular academic, or student development program. Examples include: Access to Justice Institute, Berle Center, Korematsu Center, Legal Writing Program, Public Interest Law Foundation, and Alaska Initiatives.
  • Lecture Series - $250,000 minimum
    Supports lectures, symposia, debates, and presentations that engage our entire community in the critical issues and challenges of our time.
  • Professorship* - $1,000,000 to $2 million
    Provides financial support for a faculty member in the School of Law. May provide partial salary support, research support or other support to help achieve scholarly goals. Professorships are generally given to career faculty.
  • Chair* - $2,500,000 or more
    Provides financial support for a faculty member in the School of Law. May provide partial or full salary support, research support or other support to help achieve scholarship goals. Chairs are generally given to career faculty. 

         * Minimum may be higher depending on the type of professorship or chair desired.

Through the generous support of alumni and friends the following endowments have been established in support of Seattle University School of Law.


The Alaska Fund
Established by George and Mary Sundborg to provide scholarships for students from Alaska and to ensure that the School of Law continues to serve as an important resource for the State of Alaska.

Access Admission Program Scholarship Fund
Established by an anonymous donor for the purpose of providing scholarship support for students admitted through the Access Admission Program.

George and Eloise Boldt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by the University of Puget Sound Board of Trustees to honor Judge George Boldt.

Ben B. Cheney Foundation Legal Writing Scholarship
Established for the purpose of awarding one legal writing scholarship to the student who writes the best opinion letter in an annual writing competition.

John J. Costello, Leo B. Costello, and The Society of the Friends of St. Patrick Law Endowed Scholarship
Established by the Society of the Friends of Saint Patrick for the purpose of providing a scholarship based on academic merit and financial need.

Law School Faculty Scholarship Trust
Established by the faculty in 1976 to provide an award to the student (or students) who demonstrates the skill, dedication, scholastic achievement, leadership, both inside and outside of the classroom, that best exemplify the ideals of the law school.

Frederic & Catherine Metzger Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established to recognize the students who write the second and third best opinion letters in an annual writing competition.

Louis J. Muscek Scholarship Fund
Established through a bequest from Tacoma attorney Louis J. Muscek for the "benefit of worthy students in the law school."

Mark Reutlinger Legal Writing Endowed Scholarship
Established in 2004 to honor now Professor Emeritus Mark Reutlinger, it provides awards to 2L, 3L or 4L students who have written the best paper in a law school course outside the Legal Writing Program.

Byron D. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established by Mrs. Virginia R Scott in memory of her husband.

Fredric C. Tausend Scholarship for Academic Excellence  Fund
Established by the firm Pfau Cochran Vertisis Amala to provide scholarships to rising 2L students in honor of Dean Fredric C. Tausend.

Faculty Support

Donald and Lynda Horowitz Endowed Chair for the Pursuit of Justice
(held by Prof. Margaret Chon)

Established by Don and Lynda Horowitz, active advocates throughout their careers and lives, who remain dedicated to improving the quality and delivery of justice for all. The purpose of the chair is to support the development of an evolving interdisciplinary approach to advance understanding of the challenges and opportunities of ensuring equal and meaningful access to high-quality justice for all, with focus on the transformative possibilities and resources that can be used to minimize or eliminate injustice.

Faculty Professorships

William C. Oltman Professor of Teaching Excellence
(held by Prof. Brooke Coleman)

Established to honor one of the law school's first and best teachers, Professor Bill Oltman, who recently retired from the law school. The professorship recognizes that the strength of the faculty depends on both scholarship and on classroom teaching.

John D. Eshelman Professor
(held by Prof. Janet Ainsworth)

Established to honor Seattle University icon, retired University Provost John Eshelman, an early and enthusiastic proponent of the law school. A strong and effective advocate for academic excellence, Professor and former Provost Eshelman has served Seattle University in many different roles over many decades.

Fredric C. Tausend Professor
(held by Prof. David Skover)

Established to honor former Dean and Professor Fred Tausend, a leader in the Seattle and national legal communities. Well known as one of the finest trial attorneys ever, former Dean and Professor Tausend was an early advocate of diversity in the legal profession.

Academic Programs

Academic Resource Center Fund
Established by Professor David Boerner in support of the Academic Resource Center.

Adolf A. Berle, Jr. Endowed Fund
Established by founding donors for the purpose of supporting the vitality and work of the Berle Center on Corporations, Law and Society and to enable Seattle University and the Center to carry on Adolf A. Berle's legacy. 

Lee Brettin Law Library Fund
Established by LeRoy Brettin for the purchase of library materials.

Thomas Galligan Endowment
Established by Thomas C. Galligan and his son, Thomas C. Galligan, Jr. '81, to enhance the quality of the school's educational program.

School of Law Distinguished Lecture Series
Established by a gift from an anonymous foundation for the purpose of funding an exchange and lecture series between two universities.