Lorraine Bannai

Professor of Lawyering Skills and Director, Fred T. Korematsu Center for Law and Equality
Curriculum Vitae


Sullivan Hall 124
(206) 398-4009


B.A. with Honors, University of California/Santa Barbara
J.D., University of San Francisco School of Law, 1979


Legal Writing


Legal Writing II: Persuasive Writing and Oral Advocacy (WRIT-200-D)
Legal Writing II: Persuasive Writing and Oral Advocacy (WRIT-200-F)
Civil Rights Amicus Clinic (ADVC-430-A)


After earning her J.D., Professor Bannai was a partner with the San Francisco firm of Minami, Lew & Tamaki. While in practice, she was part of the legal team in Korematsu v. United States, an action that successfully challenged Mr. Korematsu’s conviction for violating military orders removing Japanese Americans from the West Coast during World War II. Prior to joining the Seattle University faculty in 1996, Professor Bannai directed the academic support program at the University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law; taught at the University of San Francisco, the John F. Kennedy, and the New College of California Schools of Law; and was a visiting associate professor in Western Washington University's Law and Diversity Program.


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