Kristen Fraser

Adjunct Professor of Law


P.O. Box 40600
Olympia, WA 98504-0600
Phone: (360)786.7148


Kristen L. Fraser is senior counsel to the Office of Program Research, which provides non-partisan research services to the Washington State House of Representatives. As an attorney for the House fiscal committees, she advises legislators and the House on a variety of complex legal issues, including the state budget, K-12 finance, initiatives and referenda, legislative powers and prerogatives, public records, and many aspects of the state constitution. She also serves on the Washington State Bar Association's Council for Public Legal Education. Ms. Fraser holds degrees from the University of Washington in law (J.D. 1991, associate editor, Washington Law Review) and political science (B.A. cum laude 1988, Phi Beta Kappa). She speaks and writes frequently on the state constitution and the legislative process. Her most recent law review article is Grasping for the Elephant in the Courthouse: Developments in Washington's Law of Law-Making, at 44 Gonzaga Law Review 411 (2009).