Navigating Modern Discovery

April 20, 2018 | 4.0 Law and Legal and 1.0 Ethics CLE Credit

Join us to learn how to stand out among your peers in handling data in discovery. Led by a panel of experts in the e-discovery industry, this program delivers a refresh on basic practices in modern document discovery and introduces innovations on the horizon. We will explore how we got to this moment in dealing with data, updated rules around the practice, and where technology is leading us.


Agenda and speakers are subject to change

From Pages to Terabytes:

  • Explore the evolution of document collection and processing standards
  • Metadata revelations - the ‘who what and when' of your data
  • Investigations and case-specific considerations

Guide to Being Prepared:

  • Approaches to negotiations, ESI agreements, and conferences
  • Practical tips, standards, and updated rules
  • Handling proportionality

Modern Review and Production:

  • New approaches to document content
  • The problem of privilege
  • Tools and best practices
  • Production standards now

Ethical discussion:

  • Posturing and competence 
  • Balancing risk and client costs with technology
  • Conflict of interested parties - clients, counsel, and technology vendors

Advanced technology:

  • Understanding text analytics and its uses
  • Beyond search - conceptual analytics tools
  • A peek over the cutting edge in analytics tools


Program Chair

John Olson

John Olson is a former litigation attorney and the Director of the Focus Discovery at Lighthouse eDiscovery. In this role, John leads a team of attorneys and data analysis experts who partner with clients and counsel to create and execute the most efficient analysis, categorization, and review protocols for a given matter. By consulting and strategically deploying Lighthouse processes using a technology guided approach, John and the team support clients navigating various stages of ediscovery including pre-review analytics, the predictive coding process, conceptual analysis, privilege review categorization, and privilege log creation. John also works with the product development group to provide subject matter expertise to new products supporting review and analytics.

For a decade before joining Lighthouse, John was a staff attorney in the e-Discovery Analysis and Technology Group at K&L Gates, where he advised clients and co-counsel on electronic discovery issues and strategy with particular focus on privilege issues. He managed ediscovery in a wide variety of matters including complex litigation, government and internal investigations, and corporate mergers. In his role as project management liaison between clients, counsel, review attorneys, vendors, and technical support staff, he coordinated and supervised all technical aspects of ediscovery. He supervised the collection and processing of data, counseled clients on accessibility and production format issues, structured and managed document review, and coordinated motion, deposition, and trial support.

John has spoken at CLE programs and has been a guest lecturer on attorney-client privilege, privilege review, and privilege log issues in in the University of Washington's Professional Education E-Discovery Certificate Program. John earned his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and his B.A. in English and Philosophy from Boston College.


General Registration - $225.00

Seattle University School of Law Alumni - $195.00

In-person and live webcast options available