2019 Programs

2019 2nd Annual Innovation and Technology Law Conference

Technology is dramatically changing all industries. A critical area of change is the transformation of how government supervises the activities of regulated industries such as Financial Services and Healthcare, and how the Legal Services Profession is leveraging technology through artificial intelligence and other innovations. Regulatory Technology, or “RegTech,” is rapidly evolving the processes of compliance, auditing, risk management, confidentiality, and more. Business firms, law firms, and NGOs have the exciting potential to benefit from all or most of these developments. Join us as lawyers and other thought leaders explore and discuss the technological changes that have occurred in and are envisioned for regulation and supervision. Find out where “RegTech” is leading us.

2019 Working with Interpreters and Clients-Translating Between Culture and the Courtroom

As use of interpreters has become a more essential part of almost all areas of legal practice, major drawbacks in how well we use interpreters have emerged. The missing component in working with interpreters: the context of cultural translation for clients unfamiliar with the American legal system. This program will develop your skills for interacting with and employing interpreters, building your toolbox for ensuring the most positive possible outcome for your client.

2019 The GDPR-It Came We Saw But Did It Conquer

Hear from top privacy professionals on topics relating to the future of privacy laws, the GDPR’s impact on startups, the perfect privacy policy, and the ways in which the United Kingdom is working with U.S. regulators on the EU-US Privacy Shield.

2019 The Defender Initiative 9th Annual Conference on Public Defense

The New Year presents opportunities to develop and implement new strategies to address both ongoing challenges and new problems. The 9th Annual Conference on Public Defense will discuss the opportunities presented by new rules and appellate decisions and by ongoing system reform efforts. The program will explore new tools and approaches to help individual clients and to facilitate broader reform. The Keynote Speaker will be Adam Foss, Executive Director and founder of Prosecutor Impact, a nonprofit organization that works to help prosecutors reframe their role in the criminal legal system.

2019 A Human Right to Health: Pathways and Responses

Critical issues in Health Care and how they manifest NOW. This CLE will address: new Washington State policy and the new steps in litigation aimed at containing the opiod crisis; the role hospitals play in curbing Human Trafficking and supporting survivors; standards and challenges for dealing with communicable disease outbreaks; the vital role schools play in health care and the risks and dangers for schools if they do not meet their "Duties to Care" and the lessons that have been learned over the last 10 years of litigation; and much much more.