2018 Programs

2018 Essentials of Persuasion-Appellate Legal Writing in WA

With presenters from the State Supreme Court and the Appeals Courts, along with top educators, and experienced practitioners, Program Chair Ken Masters and Professor Laurel Oates have created an amazing program on the Essentials of Persuasion for legal writing. Hear from the judiciary on what they see as the most convincing written arguments, listen to senior professors as they discuss cutting edge issues in legal writing and persuasion, and gain insight from the WSBA Chief Disciplinary Counsel on the ethics involved in putting your legal line of reasoning down on paper.

2018 Protecting the Earth's Ozone Layer and Climate-A Dialogue

This program is the first in a new series of seminars based on dialogue between experts in various legal specialties. Featuring Professor Mark Chinen of Seattle University School of Law in conversation with international law expert Professor Thomas Schoenbaum of University of Washington and Georgetown Schools of Law, these two respected scholars will delve into the impact international law can have on the world's climate, when the U.S. administration is unwilling to act.

2018 Defender Conference

Public Defense in Washington has made enormous strides over the past decades but many challenges remain as well as new challenges emerging. The Defender Initiative Conference on Public Defense is an important opportunity for defenders and public defense advocates to review cutting edge proposals and gain inspiration from the keynote speaker, Jeff Robinson, former defender.

2018 Innovation and Technology Law Symposium

This unique program, oriented for both the novice and the expert, brings together innovators and technologists, lawyers, and regulators to address the opportunities and regulatory challenges in financial innovation.

2018 Indian Law Section Seminar

The 30th Anniversary Indian Law Section CLE covers the most crucial and timely issues facing tribes and tribal attorneys today. Panels address tribal opioid litigation, developments in state-tribal tax, protecting tribal resources and communities impacted by climate change, the frontiers of tribal court authority, and developments in the Indian Child Welfare Act.

2018 Low Bono Conference

Unbundled legal services is a vital emerging market for lawyers. This CLE will provide you the information, resources and practical advice to help you improve your practice if you are currently using unbundled legal services or help you see how best to introduce it to your practice.

2018 Mass Atrocities and Human Rights: Legal Responses and Continued Challenges

Human rights abuses and their ultimate expression: mass atrocities. This terrible crime is still occurring around the world and the fear of more always exist. This program, with understanding and compassion, and in a safe place, will explore what is being done by the legal community, especially the international community to respond to mass atrocities. We will look at how effective these responses are, have been and will be in the future.

2018 On the Edge of the World: Environmental Law

A Pacific Northwest Environmental Law program as current and relevant as the issues and challenges facing Washington today. Join program chairs Margaret Cerrato-Blue and Maureen Mitchell and Co-sponsor Fox Rothschild LLP along with an outstanding faculty in examining the most current environmental impacts here at the edge of the world.

2018 Navigating Modern Discovery

Stand out among your peers in handling data in discovery. Led by a panel of experts in the e-discovery industry, this program delivers a refresh on basic practices in modern document discovery and introduces innovations on the horizon. We will explore how we got to this moment in dealing with data, updated rules around the practice, and where technology is leading us.

2018 Supreme Court Watch

In the 10th annual presentation of this ever-more critical seminar, Professors Andrew Siegel and Charlotte Garden lead a slate of judicial officers, national appellate attorneys and professors through an impact analysis of the major issues engaging the federal courts now and in the foreseeable future. Given the high level of tension facing the country and impacts on the Judicial system, an important look will also be given to the relationship between lower federal courts and the Supreme Court; and the nominations to the Court and the current confirmation process. As always the program will examine the cases accepted for cert in the October 2018 term.

2018 Creating Safe Inclusive Work Environments

Everyone is an employee! Many people are also employers, including attorneys. This program provides you with the opportunity to explore the best practices for working with and advising your clients on being a good employer and providing a safe workplace for employees. Using hypothetical examples, this program will examine the facts of discrimination complaints and apply the results of real cases and updated legislation.

2018 Marijuana Law Conference

Since 2012 9 states have legalized marijuana for all uses. All but 4 have legalized medical marijuana. How have the laws of the West Coast states changed over the past six years? How have they impacted litigation and legislation in other states as well as among themselves? How are federal tax laws and case law adjusting to the slow "green" tide emanating from the Pacific? Program chairs Sativa Rasmussen and Joshua Ashby will again lead the conversation, bringing together experts from the law and from the industry to provide critical focus and frameworks.

2018 Ethics with Strait and Boerner

Two of the most respected and engaging presenters on ethics in Washington State again provide their highly rated and engaging practice-based discussion on ethics. The discussion will cover your practice and provide important guidance in assuring you are following the ethics rules.