2015 Programs

2015 Ethics with John and Dave

Two of the most respected and engaging presenters on ethics in Washington again provide a thought-provoking and practical discussion on ethics, your practice and practical advice in assuring you are following the ethics rules. 

2015 Creating Effective and Realistic Privacy Policies

Numerous data breaches have raised the public awareness of the vulnerability of personal data and the importance of understanding and limiting certain types of information. A privacy policy is your companies' promise to employees, customers, and visitors on how their personal information will be handled. A privacy policy can be as simple as a few line notice on a website to a multipage, highly "legalese" document. This training will focus on both aspects by looking at policy development, writing, and maintenance. By the end of this training you will have important tools that, as part of an overall information and security plan, can significantly reduce your client’s exposure. 

2015 Nursing and the Law Update

This program explores key issues for elderly patients. Practitioners and lawyers will learn about major health and social benefit programs for aging patients, and how hospitals and long term care facilities are helping to keep elderly patients from unnecessary hospital readmission. An increasingly complex care environment also imposes risk on a nurses' license all the while a nursing shortage puts a premium on experienced nurses. This innovative program also explores the challenges of an aging nursing workforce, along with common risks for nursing practice and how alternative to discipline programs can help keep experienced nurses practicing safely and longer. 

2015 Building Your Civil Procedure Toolbox

Civil procedure - boring and too technical? Not with this team of experts! Expect an engaging and entertaining morning on new rules and good tools with Bryan Adamson and Brooke Coleman. Using an informative and engaging style this program will provide the latest civil procedure updates for both state and federal rules, including those coming into effect in December 2015. You also receive tips and tricks of the trade to make your case stronger and more effective, whether you are representing a plaintiff or a defendant in a civil case. 

2015 3rd NW Marijuana Law Conference

The Third Annual Northwest Marijuana Law Conference covers the basics of marijuana law in Washington State, as well as addressing the updated laws that merge recreational and medical marijuana under a single regulatory system. Topics include: Emerging Trends and Challenges; Marijuana's Future in Criminal Court; and a particular program highlight of “Marijuana and Local Government” with attorneys from the City of Seattle and City of Kent comparing and contrasting city issues. 

2015 Beyond Boilerplate: New Strategies for Drafting Win-Win Contracts

Jane K. Winn is faculty director of the Law, Technology and Arts Group at the University of Washington and is a leading international authority on the impact of globalization and technological innovation on contract and commercial law. Kate Vitasek is an international authority for her award-winning research and Vested® business model for highly collaborative relationships. Join us for a dynamic program on modern contracting. 

2015 7th Annual Supreme Court Watch

Chairpersons Andrew Siegel and Charlotte Garden begin their excellent annual program with a reflection of SCOTUS from last year and how that leads into this upcoming year. The program will be an interesting mix of panel conversation, Q & A, and hearing from leading attorneys on potential practical implications. The program will focus on the most important cases in front of the Court. 

2015 Lessons from the Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln

What can we learn from Abraham Lincoln's 24 years of trying cases? How did he balance professionalism with zealous advocacy, even when his client's case was weak? How did he examine witnesses and present closing arguments? Is it realistic for us to aspire to Lincoln's immortal prose? In these and other areas, our inquiry will be leavened with healthy doses of Lincoln's irrepressible humor. 

2015 Legal Project Management

Legal Project Management (LPM) is on the rise in top law firms, agencies, corporations and solo offices across the nation. Taking many forms, LPM is essentially a structure for delivering quality legal service, efficiently. In this innovative program, attendees will hear unique perspectives on LPM - from senior and junior litigators and business lawyers to in-house counsel, pro bono counsel, conflicts counsel and a judicial law clerk. Learn how these top lawyers employ LPM strategies to better manage their projects, teams, time and responsibilities - all while increasing productivity, quality results and job satisfaction. New and experienced lawyers, in all practice areas and roles, will benefit from the practical tips and range of perspectives offered. 

2015 Health Law Certificate Program

The Health Law Certificate program is designed to broaden your knowledge and deepen your ability to engage health law issues. This three day program was designed by experienced practitioners who know the most relevant and important topics in engaging important and emerging areas of Health Law. 

2015 Health Law Day 3 - Our Aging Population

Building from the very successful 2014 3 day Health Law Certificate program the 2015 program once again focused on Health Law Fundamentals for practitioners to learn the basics of Health Law and provide information for broadening their practice. Day 3 of the 2015 program specifically addresses the most pressing health law topics impacting our aging population. 

2015 Intellectual Property Certificate

In this innovative and cutting edge look at IP, Program Developers John Denkenberger (Managing Member of Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness) and Brian McMahon have created a three stage program: Day 1 is about understanding the basics of IP---learning terminology, definitions and how IP has evolved in recent years. Day 2 is about practical understanding and application of IP in the business world and for attendees to build “their lens” for issue spotting IP issues for their clients. Day 3 is about advanced issues in IP Law including dealing with IP conflicts and choosing the best options for their clients. 

2015 IP Day 3 - Protecting and Enforcing the IP of Your Clients

In this innovative and cutting edge look at IP, Program Developers John Denkenberger (Managing Member of Christensen O'Connor Johnson Kindness) and Brian McMahon have created a three stage program. The Day 3 recording, on advanced issues in IP Law including dealing with IP conflicts and choosing the best options for their clients, is available separately. 

2015 Appeals in Washington

Chief Justice Barbara Madsen, Justice Charlie Wiggins, Chief Judge Laurel Siddoway, Division 3, Judge Brad Maxa, Division 2, Judge Michael Trickey, Division 1, Acting Chief Judge Jim Verellen, Division 1, Chief Judge Michael S. Spearman, Division 1, and Chief Disciplinary Counsel Doug Ende talk with top practitioners about the most important issues in appellate practice. 

2015 Age and Wage

Age discrimination cases are a growing area of litigation; wage disputes are a complex and important area in employment law. This program is designed to provide both a foundation for the general practitioner in engaging these cases and providing practical tools to aid reaching a successful conclusion to the case. Using the most recent age and wage case law in Washington State and US Supreme Courts this seminar will provide both tools and insights into these difficult practice areas. 

2015 Defender Conference

The Defender Initiative Fifth Annual Conference on Public Defense took place on March 6, 2015 at Seattle University School of Law. 

2015 Ebola

The Ebola crisis crosses so many jurisdictions and involves so many important issues at the National, Statewide and Local levels. This program will address: what have we learned and legally established from past health issues (tuberculosis, SARS, etc.) and how Ebola is both similar and different from earlier issues; and what is needed in moving forward.