2014 Programs

Seminars ranging from Supreme Court decisions to legal writing to climate change.

2014 Ethics with Strait & Boerner

Two of the most respected and engaging presenters on ethics in Washington again provide a thought-provoking and practical discussion on ethics, your practice and practical advice in assuring you are following the ethics rules. 

2014 - Legal Research

This program will help you get the research content you need at a price you can afford: covers the universe of legal research vendors beyond Westlaw and Lexis; essentials of contracting, pricing and cost recovery; and the ethical use and distribution of digital research. 

2014 - Intersection Between Nursing and the Law Update

Sponsored by the Washington State Chapter of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys and Seattle University School of Law this annual program addresses the intersection between law and nursing. This year’s program looks at important topics related to licensure, Americans with Disabilities Act and how Hospital consolidation is impacting nursing practice and access to care. 

2014 - Marijuana

Washington State is leading the country in addressing all manner of issues regarding marijuana. This program features the most knowledgeable and up-to-date practitioners on the emerging practice and ramifications of Washington’s Marijuana industry. 

2014 - Changing Legal Market

The 21st century is a different economic model for attorneys. Attorneys must be able to run a business and generate business, as well as practice law. Going beyond usual law office management programs this seminar will clarify the issues involved in your status as either an independent contractor or an employee; and then how to ethically deal with your clients. This seminar will also provide you the resources to run your practice in the most up-to-date terms for billing, records and timekeeping. 

2014 - Cyber-Risk Management

“Cyber-Risk”: financial, operational, political, and reputational risk of loss resulting from crimes or acts of war or terrorism using the universe of technologies involved in creating, processing, storing, and communicating data. 

2014 - Ready for Trial

This program is designed to give you the tools & confidence to build a solid, trial ready case. Starting with the client’s first call all the way to trial (including a possible stop at mediation) this is the practical and in-depth program that has been repeatedly requested by paralegals, legal assistants and new attorneys. 

2014 - Annual Supreme Court Watch

SU Law faculty experts will walk you through the coming term, giving you their analysis and predictions for the big ticket cases and identifying lower profile cases that are poised to become important sleepers. 

2014 - Crimmigration: The Critical Issues

This full day program is divided into two parts: the morning addresses the nuts and bolts “basics” on immigration and criminal defense; the afternoon builds on the morning and moves to more advanced issues including developments from the recent US Supreme Court decisions in Moncrieffe v Holder and Descamps v. US, as well as current issues in post-conviction relief and ICE enforcement (including ICE detainers). Join program co-Chairs Ann Benson , Directing Attorney Washington Defenders Association’s Immigration Project, and Robert Pauw, Founding Partner of Gibbs, Houston & Pauw, in this comprehensive program designed to provide both criminal defenders and immigration attorneys with the necessary tools to address noncitizen clients with criminal charges and convictions. 

2014 - Future of Trust Administration

A thoughtful and creative multi-party dialogue regarding alternative futures for trust administration with the goal of developing actionable recommendations as well as providing the basis for new scholarship to support the recommendations. Considers the convergence of several factors that could substantially alter the course of future trust administration. 

2014 - Crowdfunding 101

Enabling artists and creative entrepreneurs to fully explore their work via community support has been a recent and exciting development locally, nationally and internationally. This program comprised of Lawyers, Artists, Legislative Experts and Academics will explore in two substantive panel sessions the methodology, challenges and opportunities in community sourced capital. 

2014 - Health Law Affordable Care Act

This 5.75 hour program was designed by experienced practitioners who know the most relevant and important topics in engaging important and emerging areas of Health Law. It is the final portion of the 18 hour Health Law Certificate program and is intended for those attorneys interested in seeing how the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act is changing the world of Health Care Law. 

2014 - Health Law Certificate Program

The Health Law Certificate program is designed to broaden your knowledge and deepen your ability to engage health law issues. This 18 hour program was designed by experienced practitioners who know the most relevant and important topics in engaging important and emerging areas of Health Law. 

2014 - Supreme Court Decisions Today

A review of the decisions from the 2013-2014 term of the Supreme Court of the US.