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2013 - Ethics: A Conversation with John Strait and David Boerner

Join Professors John Strait and David Boerner for a sage discussion and thoughtful exploration of lawyer ethics & professional conduct. 

2013 - How to Start Your Own Law Firm

A successful panel of lawyers who have opened their own firms will, in a fast-paced and engaging CLE, go through the concrete information and steps needed to open your own firm. 

2013 - Challenges in Regulating Hazardous Drugs

Covers legislation to protect nurses and health care workers from exposure to hazardous drugs in the workplace; developing regulations to prevent harmful exposure to hazardous drugs in hospitals and other settings; and regulatory compliance tools provided by the Department of Labor and Industries. 

2013 - Marijuana - Laws, Litigation, Licensing & Employment

Covers critical new areas for attorneys in the emergence of legal issues and marijuana: Legislative-Federal, State and Local; Intellectual Property and Licensing; and Employment; and how Washington's legal practices are leading the nation.