The Untold Stories

Written and produced by:
Marilyn J. Berger
Professor of Law at Seattle University School of Law
Henry Wigglesworth

  • The video (30 minutes) consists of three segments discussing various aspects of the Anderson v. W.R. Grace case:
    • What is the case about?
    • Was bifurcation fair?
    • Did the truth come out in trial?
  • Appropriate for Civil Procedure, Clinic, Introduction to U.S. Legal System, Professional Responsibility, Torts, and Toxic Torts classes.
  • Use the video as a short introduction to emphasize a difficult concept.
  • Brief sections complement the regular class lecture.
  • Differing perspectives from the Woburn families, the trial court judge, the author of A Civil Action, the jury, the witnesses, plaintiff and defense attorneys, reveal the adversarial nature of the U.S. legal system and facilitates class discussion.
  • Issues include:
    • Is the goal of a trial to search for the truth or to resolve a controversy?
    • What is the purpose of a lawsuit in the U.S. legal system?
    • Is finding the truth possible in a lawsuit?
    • What does it mean to give plaintiffs a day in court?
  • Course book is free with purchase of the tape:
    • Four problems enhance classroom discussion.
    • Brief exercises allow for role-playing, writing and researching.
  • Law professors from around the country are currently incorporating Lessons from Woburn into their lectures.
  • Lessons from Woburn: The Untold Stories is a perfect complement to A Documentary Companion to a Civil Action.

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