Lessons from Woburn

Lessons from Woburn is a complex and compelling educational tool. Learn more about the case: Anderson v. W.R. Grace.

The Untold Stories

The first video: The Untold Stories (30 minutes) consists of three segments:

  • What was the case about?
  • Was bifurcation fair?
  • Did the truth come out in trial?

The Rules of Civil Procedure

The second video: The Rules of Civil Procedure (131 minutes) is divided into nine segments, including:

  • Subject Matter Jurisdiction
  • Summary Judgment
  • Discovery
  • The jury system

Conduct and Settlement

The third video: Conduct and Settlement (50 minutes) has four segments:

  • Lawyer behavior
  • Attorney-Client relationship
  • Financing a lawsuit
  • Ethics in negotiation and settlement

The Course Book

The course book is free with purchase of the tape:

  • Four problems enhance classroom discussion.
  • Brief exercises allow for role-playing, writing, and researching.