International Scholarship

The scholarly interest and accomplishment of the law faculty is broad and diverse, with faculty increasingly writing in the area of international and comparative law. Those whose interests and scholarship are solidly anchored in international and foreign law include: Thomas Antkowiak (human rights, Latin America), Mark Chinen (international law, Japanese law), Margaret Chon (international intellectual property; globalization, race and the law), Carmen Gonzalez (international environmental law, international trade), Won Kidane (international arbitration and litigation), Raven Lidman (Latin America, comparative clinical education, civil rights), Tayyab Mahmud (comparative law, neo-colonialism, globalization), Henry McGee (international environmental law, comparative urban law, comparative law of Latin America), Laurel Oates (comparative legal writing and advocacy), Russell Powell (Islamic law, Middle Eastern law, human rights), Norman Printer (international law, law of armed conflict), Mimi Samuel (comparative legal writing and advocacy), and Ronald Slye (human rights, international criminal law, transitional justice).