7th Annual Berle Symposium: The Nature of the Modern Corporation

May 26 – 27, 2015
Seattle University School of Law
The Berle Center
Seattle, Washington

The focus for our seventh annual symposium—Berle VII—is the nature of the modern corporation. This "theme" is intended to be evocative rather than narrowing.

The expected participants and active audience members for this event will include academics from the field of law, sociology, history, political science, and anthropology, as well as thought leaders from the judiciary and the business and professional world. This year, we are pleased to be co-sponsoring and co-organizing with The Aspen Institute and its Program on Business and Society, which is doing profoundly important work exploring the role of the corporation in society.

Our goal with this symposium (and perhaps follow-up symposia) is to bring the very best thinking in the social sciences to bear on the nature of the modern corporation, and to expose all participants to the very best scholarship and methodologies from a variety of disciplines. This year will see a special emphasis on what we can learn from law-oriented social scientists. To provide a provocative common backdrop, all participants and attendees will be expected to come to Berle VII having read the first two chapters of Neil Fligstein's and Doug McAdam's book, A Theory of Fields.

As always, papers will be published by the Seattle University Law Review in its annual Berle Symposium edition. 

Symposium Schedule