Thomas Antkowiak

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Thomas AntkowiakPlease describe any professional and extra-curricular activities in which you are engaged that are related to social justice. Such activities can encompass a wide range: examples include service on non-profit bodies or on commissions, pro-bono representation, fact-finding, and other professional and extra-curricular activities.

Through my International Human Rights Clinic, I direct cases and advocacy efforts on a range of issues. For just a few examples of current projects and clients: torture survivors in Mexico, illegal detention in Nicaragua, LGBT rights in Uganda, indigenous land rights in Peru, and workers' rights in Seattle.

Please describe any scholarly projects in which you have or are engaged that involve social justice.

Most of my scholarly projects concern social justice. My primary focus areas are rights to reparation/remedies, indigenous rights, and transitional justice.

For more information, please visit Professor Antkowiak's Faculty Profile Page.