Russell Powell

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Russell PowellPlease describe any professional and extra-curricular activities in which you are engaged that are related to social justice. Such activities can encompass a wide range: examples include service on non-profit bodies or on commissions, pro-bono representation, fact-finding, and other professional and extra-curricular activities.

  • I have been a member of the Judicial Review Committee for QLaw since 2005.
  • I have been an Advisory Board Member for the Seattle City Employee Retirement System since 2008.
  • I regularly advise and advocate for asylum seekers, particularly those from predominantly Muslim countries.
  • I served as an Advisory Board Member on the Center for the Study of Justice in Society from 2006-2010.
  • I have been a commentator at the Mirror of Justice blog since 2008.

Please describe any scholarly projects in which you have or are engaged that involve social justice.

    • A book in progress based on three empirical studies conducted in Turkey over the past two years.
  • The Muslim World and Politics in Transition, eds. Barton, Weller, Yilmaz __ TURKISH REVIEW __ (2014)
    • A review of this edited volume.
  • Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity: A History, 1789-2007 by Carter V. Findley (To be submitted 2014)
    • A review of Findley's book.
  • Comparative Insights Regarding Religion and Democracy in a Muslim Context, DEMOCRACY, CULTURE, AND CATHOLICISM: INTERNATIONAL VOICES, GLOBAL INTERPRETATIONS FORTHCOMING (2013)
    • Article to be published in an edited volume by Fordham University Press.
  • Evolving Views of Islamic Law in Turkey 28 JOURNAL OF LAW AND RELIGION 467 (2013)
    • An article on approaches to Islamic jurisprudence in a secular context.
  • Shari'a Politics: Islamic Law and Society in the Modern World. Ed. Robert W. Hefner 28 JOURNAL OF LAW AND RELIGION 287 (2013)
    • A review of Hefner's book.
  • Fethullah Gülen ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ISLAMIC LAW (2012)
    • Article in the newest edition.
  • Forgiveness in Islamic Ethics and Jurisprudence 4 BERKELEY J. OF MID. EAST. & ISLAMIC L. 17 (2011)
    • An analysis of forgiveness in classical and contemporary Islamic ethics and jurisprudence.
  • The Study of Secularism and Religion in the Constitution and Contemporary Politics Of Turkey: The Rise Of Interdisciplinarity and the Decline of Methodology? 7 ST. THOMAS LAW J. 714 (2010)
    • An analysis of Turkish secularism and the contemporary scholarship explaining it.
  • Secularism and Muslim Democracy in Turkey by M. Hakan Yavuz 33 POL. & LEG. ANTHRO. REV. 396 (2010)
    • A review of Yavuz's book.
  • Forgiveness in Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Role in Intercommunal Relations ISLAMIC LAW & LAW OF THE MUSLIM WORLD EJOURNAL (2010)
    • An analysis of forgiveness in Islamic jurisprudence and its broader implications for intercommunal relations.
  • Zakat: Drawing Insights for Legal Theory and Economic Policy from Islamic Jurisprudence 7 PITTSBURGH TAX REV. 43 (2010)
    • An analysis of zakat (alms) practices in the Muslim world and its broader implications as a form of taxation and welfare.
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act: Who Is Covered: Who Should Be? Reprinted in ISSUES ON TRIAL: DISABILITY RIGHTS, ed. Uma Kukathas (Cengage 2009)
  • Theology in Public Reason and Legal Discourse: A Case for the Preferential Option for the Poor 15 WASH. & LEE J. OF CIV. RTS. & SOC. JUST. 327 (2009).
    • This article argues that standpoint theory, outsider scholarship, and law and economics may play a significant role in concretizing the "preferential option for the poor" in Catholic social thought.
  • The Enron Trial Drama: A New Argument for Stakeholder Theory Reprinted in CORPORATE FRAUD, ed. C. Krishna (ICFAI Press 2009).
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act: Who Is Covered: Who Should Be? Reprinted in DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION: LEGAL RESPONSES, ed. P.L.J. Reddy (Amicus Books 2008)
  • Catharine MacKinnon May Not Be Enough: Legal Change and Religion in Catholic and Sunni Jurisprudence 8 GEORGETOWN J. OF GENDER AND THE L. 1 (2007).
    • This article argues that legal change relating to spheres influenced by religious thought must address hermeneutics.
  • The Enron Trial Drama: A New Argument for Stakeholder Theory 38 U. TOL. L. REV. 1 (2007).
    • This article analyzes the trial of Jeffrey Skilling and Kenneth Lay, including an empirical analysis of jury comments made after the trial. The study indicates that the jury was influenced by the scope of the Enron collapse and its impact on employees, in particular.
  • Toward Reconciliation: A Transcendental Framework for Christian-Muslim Dialogue Using Natural Law Tradition 2 LOYOLA U. CHI. INT'L L.R. 1 (2005)
    • This article proposes a theoretical framework for dialogue as a precursor to concrete dispute resolution. I argue that the thinking of Bernard Lonergan in light of the natural law insights of Aquinas, Ezzati and an-Na'im provides a framework for Christian-Muslim dialogue.
  • Beyond Lane: Who is Protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, Who Should be? 82 DENVER U. L.R. 25 (2004)
    • This article reviews the scope of the ADA's coverage and proposes alternatives which might better reflect the original legislative intent of the ADA and better serve the interests of the disabled.

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