Lisa Brodoff

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Please describe any scholarly projects in which you have or are engaged that involve social justice.

  • The Coalition for Inclusive Healthcare - this is a broad coalition of non-profits, community groups, and legal assistance providers who are working for transgender healthcare coverage by private insurers, state worker health insurers, and under Medicaid. I have been working with this group for the last 2.5 years. We have been successful so far in getting the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to mandate that private insurers provide non-discriminatory health coverage for gender dysphoria, in getting the Public Employees Benefits Board to mandate sex reassignment and other health coverage for state workers, and the Health Care Authority to agree to a rulemaking to include SRS in Medicaid coverage.
  • Civil Gideon/Right to Counsel in Civil Cases - I have worked for a decade on right to counsel issues. We were successful in getting the Washington Supreme Court to promulgate GR 33 requiring counsel as a disability accommodation under the ADA when a person's disability prevents self-representation. We are now working on getting this ADA representational accommodation available to appellants in administrative hearings. I have done amicus briefs, legislative and administrative policy advocacy, law review articles, and other advocacy on this important access to justice issue.
  • Creation of health care planning instruments for people with dementia and other mental health disabilities - I have worked on legislation and advocacy for people with dementia and mental illness to plan for a future incapacity with mental health advance directives. See RCW 71.32.010 et seq. and the Alzheimers/Dementia Mental Health Advance Directive at
  • Elder/LGBTQ rights advocacy - I have worked on marriage equality, adoption rights, equal access to public benefits, and elder law issues for the past three decades. Most recently, I worked on marriage equality (amicus brief for elder gay rights organizations and administrative advocacy) and elder LGBTQ health issues (article in the American Journal of Public Health). I speak at conferences and public events frequently on this topic.
  • General advocacy on public benefits issues and access to the administrative hearing system - My administrative law clinic teaching requires that I do a significant amount of individual representation and systems advocacy for clients appealing denials of public assistance benefits. I have worked on advocating for sex reassignment surgery for clients with gender dysphoria, vision therapy, developmental disability benefits, etc. I also have done a significant amount of work on reforming the public assistance administrative hearing system to make it more accessible to pro se appellants and a more fair process generally.

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