Dean Spade

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Dean SpadePlease describe any professional and extra-curricular activities in which you are engaged that are related to social justice. Such activities can encompass a wide range: examples include service on non-profit bodies or on commissions, pro-bono representation, fact-finding, and other professional and extra-curricular activities.

I am involved in work to address issues of criminalization and imprisonment at the local level in Seattle, through a campaign to stop a new youth jail from being built, and at the national level through policy and organizing work related to drivers of incarceration for poor people, LGBT people, people with HIV, people with disabilities and people of color. This work includes efforts related to welfare policy, drug policy, policing, homelessness and housing policy, and the criminalization of sex work. I am involved in a range of work on LGBT issues that looks at these issues from the perspective of racial and economic justice. I am also involved in Palestinian solidarity work through a local Seattle organization and through an international network called Queer Visions. I am also part of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association. This group puts on conferences and other educational events that would be of interest to students whose work relates to racism, indigenous resistance and decolonization, criminalization and immigration enforcement.

Please describe any scholarly projects in which you have or are engaged that involve social justice.

My scholarly work is social justice focused, examining gendered and racialized poverty and criminalization. All of my publications and several videos can be found at

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