Bryan Adamson

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Bryan AdamsonPlease describe any professional and extra-curricular activities in which you are engaged that are related to social justice. Such activities can encompass a wide range: examples include service on non-profit bodies or on commissions, pro-bono representation, fact-finding, and other professional and extra-curricular activities.

  • Teacher: Consumer Protection Clinic
  • Serve on board and founding member of Northwest Consumer Law Center
  • Volunteer: Greater Seattle Business Association [LGBT Chamber of Commerce]

Please describe any scholarly projects in which you have or are engaged that involve social justice.

  • "The Racial Self-Policing That African American Men Already Do," Seattle Times Op-Ed, July 29, 2013
  • Case Rounds: Time-Keeping, Client Billing and Ethics forthcoming chapter in Theory and Practice in Clinical Pedagogy, Elliott Milstein, Ann Shalleck, Susan Bryant, eds. (Carolina Press)
  • Amicus Advisor, Hollingsworth v. Perry, Appellate Brief drafted by Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP 2010 and 2013 (Supporting trial court's finding against Proposition 8 unconstitutionality based upon appropriate appellate standard of review doctrine)(cited in Justice Alitos dissent in the DOMA case)
  • The Homeowners' Illusory Safety Net: Mortgage Broker Surety Liability, 47 Gonz. L. R. 1 (2011)(critique of inadequate surety provisions to protect homeowners against mortgage brokers)
  • Ricci v. DeStefano: Procedural Activism(?), 40th Anniversary Issue, Volume 24 The National Black Law Journal (UCLA)(2011)(critique of remand and evidentiary procedure)
  • The Muslim Manchurian Candidate: Barack Obama, Rumors, and Quotidian Hermeneutics, Volume 25, Issue 4, Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development (2011)(Explores media treatment of accusations of President Obama's race, religion, and ethnicity, how rumors are discussed in everyday conversations, and effective rumor management and debunking)
  • Lead Article, Yale Journal of Law and Policy: Critical Error: The Supreme Court's Refusal To Recognize Intentional Race Discrimination Findings as Constitutional Facts, And The Subtle Vices of The "Clear Error" Standard of Review 28 Yale L. & Pol. Rev.1 (2009)(critique of Supreme Court's inconsistent application of constitutional fact doctrine)

Works in Progress

  • Toward a Black Feminist Economic Ethic: Studies of Intra-Racial and Intra-Gender Relationships in Mortgage Lending (through interviews of African-American female brokers and borrowers, examines intra-racial and intra-gender dynamics in the mortgage lending process)
  • Pre-Foreclosure Mortgage Mediation In Washington (examining the strengths and weaknesses of Washington's Foreclosure Fairness Act)
  • Social Media Evidence and the Trayvon Martin Trial

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