Take the Pro Bono Pledge

Through the Pro Bono Pledge Program, we invite and encourage all law students to pledge to complete at least 100 hours of legal pro bono and community volunteer work before they graduate. Part-time students are asked to complete 50 hours, and LLM/Masters students are asked to complete 30 hours.

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  • For questions please visit our FAQ page or contact Cindy Yeung.
  • By signing the Pledge, you commit to contribute at least 100 hours of pro bono legal and volunteer services during your enrollment at Seattle University School of Law. (50 hours for part-time students; 30 hours for masters/LLM students)
  • Students who complete and report 250 hours or more of eligible activity will be given a special designation in the graduation program (125 hours for part-time students and 60 hours for Masters/LLM students).
  • By signing the Pledge you also acknowledge that you have reviewed the relevant rules of professional responsibility.
  • Although we encourage all students to participate, the Pledge Program is voluntary and there are no penalties for not enrolling or for enrolling and later not completing your pledged goals.
  • 75 of 100 hours (or 75% total hours) must be considered legal pro bono activity. The remaining hours may include a broader range of community volunteer (public service) activity. See our guidelines for eligible activities.
  • To stay on track for graduation and to be considered for yearly recognition by ATJI and the Dean's Office, we suggest target goals for each year:
    • 20 hours during 1L Year (starting with your first day of classes)
    • 40 hours during 2L year (including the summer before 2L year)
    • 40 hours during 3L year (including the summer before 3L year)
    • Part-time students are asked to complete 1/2 the hours of their full-time counterparts.

Even if you are not ready to start pro bono work, we encourage all students considering pro bono to sign the Pledge to stay connected to opportunities and information. You will still be able to include eligible activity completed before you signed the Pledge.