Government Internship/Job Search Websites

Federal Government - The official federal job site; search for federal jobs by agency, location, job title, etc. - A guide to researching and applying for federal government positions

Careers in Government and Public Service in WA - A comprehensive guide on finding the perfect career for those looking to work in municipal, local, and federal government roles

Government Honors/Internship Handbook - Password changes early fall, so check with CPD for current login information - a dynamic nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works to revitalize the federal government by inspiring a new generation of Americans into federal service and by transforming the way government works - Offers not only guidance for federal internship and job seekers but also an opportunity posting board and agency/employer directory.  Register for an account on their website, for access. Also be sure to check out the information available on the PSJD Resources page regarding Government Careers, Funding Sources, and Student Loan Repayment. - (A-Z list of agencies)

Capitol Hill (legislative opportunities)

Washington D.C. Area:


  • Democratic National Committee: Jobs 
  • Republican National Committee: Jobs and Internships

Washington State/Local Government