Government and Public Interest

The federal government offers many interesting and challenging legal opportunities to law students and law school graduates. Positions are available at regional offices as well as offices in Washington, D.C.

As with other paths, securing a job with the federal government requires thorough research and conscientious preparation. The federal hiring process can require a lengthy and detailed application and a specialized resume. The information you need to navigate to learn about federal positions and the application process is detailed in other sections of CPD's website. However, CPD counselors are also available to assist you.

The application process may seem a little confusing or even intimidating, but there are substantial advantages. If you are considering building a career in public service, the federal government is a great place to work. The work is often stimulating and meaningful, and it can offer a true work/life balance.

And the federal government's legal opportunities are extremely diverse! Whether you are interested in security and law enforcement, the environment, social services, emergency preparedness, civil rights, or countless other fields, there is likely a federal opportunity on point.