Alternative Careers

Use Your Law Degree to Find the Career That's Right for You

People go to law school for a variety of reasons.  They may want to serve the public and make a difference in society.  They may seek financial security.  Many may not be sure if practicing law is their vocation, but they hope to spend their work life doing interesting and challenging work.  Many want a degree that seems adaptable to a variety of industries and vocations.  There are many alternative career paths available to students who do not want to practice law in the traditional sense.  "JD Advantage" positions are growing, and include jobs in fields such as Regulatory Compliance, Human Resources, Risk Management, Intellectual Asset Management, and E-Discovery Consulting, to name a few.  Health care providers, technology companies, and lobbying firms, as well as local, state, and federal government agencies are also hiring large numbers of law school graduates.  Please make an appointment with a counselor to explore your alternative career options.  


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