Federal Government: International Employment (PDF)

Development, Rule of Law & Security

Organization Website Internship Information
ABA Rule of Law Initiative www.abanet.org/rol Internship
Atlantic Council of the United States www.atlanticcouncil.org Internship
American Enterprise Institute www.aei.org Internship
American Society & Council of the Americas www.as-coa.org Internship
American Non-Governmental Organizations Coalition
for the International Criminal Court
www.amicc.org Internship
American Society of International Law www.asil.org Internship
British American Security Informational Council www.basicint.org Internship
Business Executives for National Security www.bens.org Internship
Carter Center www.cartercenter.org Internship
Center for Justice & International Law www.cejil.org Internship
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization www.ctbto.org Internship
Development Group for Alternative Policies www.developmentgap.org N/A
Citizens for a Global Solution www.globalsolutions.org Internship
Global Security Institute www.gsinstitute.org Internship
Hague Conference on Private International Law www.hcch.org Internship
Heritage Foundation www.heritage.org Internship
Hudson Institute www.hudson.org Internship
Institute for Security Studies www.iss.co.za Internship
International Chamber of Commerce www.iccwbo.org Internship
International Center for Transnational Justice www.ictj.org Internship
International Consortium for Law & Development www.iclad-law.org N/A
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea www.itlos.org Internship
Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy www.lcnp.org N/A
National Democratic Institute www.ndi.org N/A
National Endowment for Democracy www.ned.org Internship
National Institute for Public Policy www.nipp.org N/A
Open Society Institute & Soros Foundation Network www.soros.org Internship

Brussels Internship
Peace Action Education Fund www.peace-action.org Internship
Physicians for Social Responsibility www.psr.org Internship

Oregon Internship
Transparency International www.transparency.org Internship
Washington International Trade Association www.wita.org Internship
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars www.wilsoncenter.org Internship


Organization Website Internship Information
Center for International Environmental Law www.ciel.org Internship
Conseration Law Foundation www.cif.org Internship
Conservation International www.conservation.org Internship
Earthjustice www.earthjustice.org Internship
EarthRights International www.earthrights.org Internship
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide www.elaw.org Internship
Environmental Defense Fund www.edf.org Internship
Friends of the Earth International Program www.foei.org Internship
International Institute for Environment & Development www.iied.org Internship
Natural Resources Defense Council www.nrdc.org Internship

Human Rights

Organization Website Internship Information
ABA Commission on Immigration www.abanet.org/immigration Seattle Internship

San Diego Internship
ABA Section of International Law & Practice www.abanet.org/intlaw Internship
Advocacy Forum (Nepal) advocacyforum.org Internship
Allicance for Justice www.afj.org Internship
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee www.adc.org Internship
American Humanist Association www.americanhumanist.org Internship
American Refugee Committee International www.americanhumanist.org Internship
American Society of International Law Student Fellowship www.asil.org Internship
Amnesty International www.amnesty.org Internship
Arab American Institute www.aaiusa.org Internship
Asian Law Caucus www.asianlawcaucus.org Internship
Association for Women's Rights in Development www.awid.org Internship
CARE www.care.org Internship
Carter Center www.cartercenter.org Internship
Catholic Relief Services www.crs.org Internship
Center for Constitutional Rights www.ccrjustice.org Internship
Center for Economic & Social Rights www.cesr.org Internship
Center for International Policy www.ciponline.org Internship
Center for Justice & Accountability www.cja.org Internship
Center for Justice & International Law www.cejil.org Internship
Center for Reproductive Rights www.reproductiverights.org Internship
Child Rights Information Network www.crin.org N/A
Citizens for Global Solutions www.globalsolutions.org Internship
Congressional Hunger Center www.hungercenter.org Internship
European Roma Rights Centre www.errc.org Internship
Fund for Peace www.fundforpeace.org Internship
Guatemala Human Rights Commission www.ghrc-usa.org Internship
Global Rights www.globalrights.org N/A
Global Health Council www.globalhealth.org Internship
Grassroots International www.grassrootsonline.org N/A
Human Rights Advocates www.humanrightsadvocates.org N/A
Human Rights Campaign www.hrc.org Internship
Human Rights First www.humanrightsfirst.org Internship
Human Rights House www.humanrightshouse.org N/A
Human Rights Watch www.hrw.org Internship
Indian Law Resource Center www.indianlaw.org Internship
Institute for Policy Studies www.ips-dc.org Internship
Institute of World Affairs www.iwa.org N/A
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights www.cidh.oas.org Internship
International Commission of Jursits www.icj.org Internship
International Crisis Group www.crisisgroup.org Internship
International Rescue Committee www.theirc.org Internship
Justicia Global www.global.org.br N/A
Legal Aid of Cambodia www.lac.org.kh Internship
Legal Momentum www.legalmomentum.org Internship
Pan American Health Organization www.paho.org Internship
The Advocates for Human Rights www.theadvocatesforhumanrights.org Internship
Vital Voices www.vitalvoices.org Internship
Washington Office on Latin America www.wola.org Internship
Women's Refugee Commission www.womensrefugeecommission.org Internship
World Affairs Council www.world-affairs.org Internship

Intergovernmental Organizations


Organization Website Internship Information
Asian Development Bank www.adb.org  Internship
African Development Bank www.afdb.org  Internship
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation www.apec.org  Internship
Association of Southeast Asian Nations www.asean.org  N/A
Business & Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD www.biac.org  Internship
Commission for the Environmental Cooperation www.cec.org  N/A
Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Orginazation www.ctbto.org  Internship
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development www.ebrd.com  N/A
European Union www.europa.eu  N/A
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights www.cidh.oas.org  Internship
Inter-American Development Bank www.iadb.org  Internship
International Atomic Energy Agency www.iaea.org  Internship
International Centre for the Study of the Preservation
& Restoration of Cultural Property
www.iccrom.org  Internship
International Committee of the Red Cross www.icrc.org  N/A
International Finance Corporation www.ifc.org  Internship
International Labour Organization www.ilo.org  Internship
International Monetary Fund www.imf.org  Internship
International Organization for Migration www.iom.int  Internship
International Telecommunication Union www.itu.int  Internship
International Trade Center www.intracen.org  Internship
International Tribunal for the Law of the Seas www.itlos.org  Internship
North Atlantic Treaty Organization www.nato.int  Internship
OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights www.cidh.org  Internship
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons www.opcw.org  Internship
Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development www.oecd.org  Internship
Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe www.osce.org  Internship
Organization of American States www.oas.org  Internship
The Hague Conference on Private International Law www.hcch.net  Internship
United Nations (UN) www.un.org  Internship
UN Center for Human Settlements www.unhabitat.org  Internship
UN Children's Fund www.unicef.org  Internship
UN Commission on International Trade Law www.uncitral.org  Internship
UN Development Fund for Women www.unifem.org  N/A
UN Development Programme www.undp.org  Internship
UN Economic & Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific www.unescap.org  N/A
UN Economic & Social Commission for Western Asia www.escwa.un.org  N/A
UN Economic Commission for Africa www.uneca.org  N/A
UN Economic Commission for Europe www.unece.org  Internship
UN Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean www.eclac.org  Internship
UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization www.unesco.org  Internship
UN Environmental Program www.enp.org  Internship
UN Food & Agriculture Organization www.fao.org  N/A
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change www.unfccc.int  Internship
UN High Commissioner for Refugees www.unhcr.org  Internship
UN Institute for Disarmament Research www.unidir.org  Internship
UN Institute for Training & Research www.unitar.org  Internship
UN Interregional Crime & Justice Research Institute www.unicri.it  Internship
UN International Computing Center www.unicc.org  Internship
UN International Fund for Agricultural Development www.ifad.org  Internship
UN International Research & Training Institute
for the Advancement of Women
www.un-instraw.org  N/A
UN Internship Program www.un.org  Internship
UN Office in Geneva www.unog.ch  Internship
UN Office in Nairobi www.unon.org  Internship
UN Office in Vienna www.unvienna.org  Internship
UN Office of Legal Affairs legal.un.org  Internship
UN Office on Drugs & Crime www.unodc.org  Internship
UN Population Fund www.unfpa.org  Internship
UN Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Refugees www.unrwa.org  Internship
UN Research Institute for Social Development www.unrisd.org  N/A
UN Systems Staff College www.unssc.org  N/A
UN University www.unu.edu  N/A
UN Volunteers www.unv.org  Internship
World Bank www.worldbank.org  Internship
World Conservation Union www.iucn.org  N/A
World Economic Forum www.weforum.org  N/A
World Food Program www.wfp.org  Internship
World Health Organization www.who.int  Internship
World Intellectual Property Organization www.wipo.int Internship

Japan Internship

New York Internship
World Organization for Animal Health www.oie.int  N/A
World Trade Organization www.wto.org  Internship


International Courts and Dispute Resolution Organizations

Court Website Internship Information
Andean Community Court of Justice www.tribunalandino.org.ec N/A
Caribbean Court of Justice www.caribbeancourtofjustice.org N/A
Court of Justice of the European Union www.curia.europa.eu Internship
European Court of Human Rights www.echr.coe.int N/A
Inter-American Court of Human Rights www.corteidh.or.cr N/A
International Court of Arbitration www.iccwbo.org/court Internship
International Court of Justice www.icj-cij.org N/A
International Criminal Court www.icc-cpi.int Internship
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda www.unictr.org Internship
International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia www.icty.org Internship
International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea www.itlos.org Internship
Permanent Court of Arbitration www.pca-cpa.org N/A