Alumni Awards

Seattle University School of Law is home to an exceptional body of alumni and we appreciate the opportunity to recognize graduates for their achievements and contributions through a variety of awards.

Alumni Association Awards

Past recipients:

2017 Carolyn Ronis '03, Community Service Award
         Alexandra Kennedy '08, Outstanding Recent Alumna Award

2013 Justice Charles W. Johnson ‘76, Dean's Medal
        William Marler '87, Distinguished Law Graduate Award
        Debora G. Juarez '87, Alumni Service Award
        David Keenan '08, Recent Graduate Award

2011 Mark McLaughlin '94, Dean's Medal
        Lyn Johnson '95, Distinguished Law Graduate Award
        M. Lorena González '05, Alumni Service Award
        Anthony Ravani '07, Recent Graduate Award

2010 The Honorable Deborah Fleck '76, Distinguished Law Graduate Award
        The Honorable Anita Crawford-Willis '86, Alumni Service Award
        Brian Considine '07, Recent Graduate Award

2009 Marlys Palumbo '82, Dean's Medal
        Sharon Sakamoto '84, Distinguished Law Graduate Award
        Laird Pisto '79, Alumni Service Award

Black Law Student Association Awards

The BLSA Alumni Award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated excellence in the practice of law and a commitment to community service. Prior awardees have also demonstrated continued dedication to BLSA and a strong commitment to the service of others.

The BLSA Amicus Award recognizes a friend whose character, professional achievements and outstanding service to the BLSA community, especially in the areas of mentoring, advocacy and support, have contributed to the growth of the organization. 

The BLSA Leadership Award recognizes alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the legal community and the community at large. We are honoring leaders in the community who are at the forefront of change within the world.

The Vanguard Leader of the Year Award recognizes alumni leaders in the community who are at the forefront of creating change in the world.

Recipients include:

2017 Erin McIntire '15, BLSA Alumni Award
    LaKeysha Washington '10, Vanguard Leader of the Year Award

2016 The Hon. Tanya L. Thorp '02, BLSA Alumni Award
        Nick Allen '10, Vanguard Leader of the Year Award

2015 Jamal Whitehead '07, BLSA Alumni Award
James Armstrong '00, Vanguard Leader of the Year Award

2014 Twyla Carter '07, BLSA Alumni Award
        Marilyln Sherron '80 & The Hon. Ruperta Alexis '81, BLSA Leadership Award
        The Hon. Richard Jones, BLSA Amicus Award

2013 Rashelle Tanner '98, BLSA Alumni Award
        The Honorable Willie Gregory II '89, BLSA Leadership Award
        Ahoua Kone '03, Vanguard Leader of the Year Award

2012 The Honorable Robert Russell II '75, BLSA Alumni Award

2011 The Honorable Frank Cuthbertson '93, BLSA Alumni Award
        Angela Rye '05, Vanguard Leader of the Year Award
        James Andrus, BLSA Amicus Award

2010 The Honorable Judith Hightower '83, BLSA Alumni Award
        Jesse C. Wineberry '86, BLSA Leadership Award

2009 James Bible '03, BLSA Leadership Award
        Tracy Flood '99, BLSA Alumni Award
        Craig Sims '97, Vanguard Leader of the Year Award

2008 The Honorable Anita Crawford-Willis '86 and Karen Murray '91,
        BLSA Award

2007 John Terry '77 and Harold Booker '77, BLSA Trailblazer Award
        Professor Hank McGee, BLSA Legal Legacy Award

Latinx Law Student Association Awards

Seattle University School of Law and its Latinx Law Student Association (LLSA) are proud to honor the outstanding achievements of distinguished members of the alumni and greater legal community with annual awards.

The La Justicia Award honors a Latina/o alumnus whose contributions and achievements in the legal community embody the law school's principle of standing for excellence and reaching for justice. Through mentorship, their commitment supports the school's mission of educating outstanding attorneys to be leaders for a just and humane world. The Latina/o alumnus selected will be recognized for contributions to the legal community, the greater community at-large, as well as unwavering dedication and commitment to the advancement of the law school and law school community.

The Spirit of Service Award acknowledges a Latina/o alumnus who is unequivocally committed to a more just and humane world. The award will recognize alumni who work to foster justice and promote equal representation in the justice system, and has made sacrifices to ensure that the underrepresented are given a voice.

The Latina/o Amicus Award is given to a friend whose character, professional achievements and outstanding service to the school, especially in the area of mentoring, advocacy and support has contributed to the growth of the organization.

Honorees include:

2017 Chach Duarte White '00, La Justicia Award
       Veronica Quinonez '11, Spirit of Service Award
Professor Steve Tapia, Latinx Amicus Award

2016 Sandy Restrepo '12, La Justicia Award
        Edwardo Morfin '14, Spirit of Service Award

2015 David Mendoza '07, La Justicia Award
        Catherine Romero '96, Spirit of Service Award

2014 Malou Chavez '10, La Justicia Award
        Emily Gonzalez '10, Spirit of Service Award
        Professor Robert Chang, Latina/o Amicus Award

2013 M. Lorena González '05, La Justicia Award
        Sarah Leyrer '06, Spirit of Service Award
        The Honorable Mary I. Yu, Latina/o Amicus Award

2012 Joaquin Avila, Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Latina/o Amicus Award

2011 Fé Lopez '06, La Justicia Award
        Ernest Radillo '07, Spirit of Service Award
        Sal Mungia, Latina/o Amicus Award

2010 Jesse Valdez '04, La Justicia Award
        Blanca Rodriquez '97, Spirit of Service Award

Nominations for awards are handled by the Office of Advancement and the Law Alumni Board's Outreach Committee. For additional information, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 206.398.4600 or