Student and Alumni Stories

Students bring a broad range of experiences and backgrounds to Seattle University School of Law, and they go on to pursue a variety of careers. Hear from current students as well as alumni, graduates in non-traditional careers, and graduates of our part-time program.


Rachella Hercules Rachella Hercules

"Choose a school that truly wants to see you succeed and provides the support you need along the way. It truly makes all the difference."

Monica L. Keo Monica L. Keo

"I chose Seattle U because I know firsthand that the professors are invested in having you succeed, whether it be in your academic, professional, or personal life."

Noe Merfeld Noe Merfeld

"I knew I would get a good legal education almost anywhere, so for me what mattered most was the environment. Each of my interactions with Seattle U were personable and authentic, which really stood out to me."

Ian Leifer Ian Leifer

"In the end, we're all just competing to be the best version of ourselves."

Ali Harris Ali Harris

"The evening program made Seattle U an easy choice for me because I did not have to give up my financial independence or the work I enjoy in order to study law. It was the best decision I have ever made."

Nida Javed Nida Javed

"Witnessing a heart-breaking event of domestic violence has left an indelible impression on my mind; my desire of getting justice for DV victims motivated me to embark on a career in the legal field."

Angelo Marchesini Angelo Marchesini

"My most important reason for choosing Seattle U was the integration of Jesuit values into my learning and eventual practice of the law."

Chase Bonwell Chase Bonwell

"The people at Seattle U are truly remarkable. The professors are in your corner and are more than willing to give advice, answer questions, and, most importantly, just listen."

Darrias Sime Darrias Sime

"Because of the proximity of Seattle U to downtown, the strong presence of Seattle U Law alums, and Seattle U's dedication to diversity, it became an easy choice for me."

Emeka Egwuatu Emeka Egwuatu

"Your family may not understand what is going on in law school, but friends do, and they're always there to talk about what is going on."

Jackie Borgonia Jackie Borgonia

"My first law school class was the most diverse class I have ever been in. We all varied in age, social economic class, and political views. Despite our difference, we came to law school for a reason."

Julie Bowman Julie Bowman

"My experience at Seattle U so far makes me feel confident I am in the right place and will succeed."

Alejandro Monarrez Alejandro Monarrez

"Stay strong, stay committed, and stay focused. Turn off the little voice inside you that whispers 'You do not belong here.' You do."

Julie Kim Julie Sungeun Kim

"I was attracted to Seattle U's mission in striving for social justice and equality. Unlike other law schools that seem to share the same mission, Seattle U is the only school that has multiple clinics that operate in furtherance of that mission."

Keegan Tasker Keegan Tasker

"There's something about law school that shifts your way of thinking dramatically, helps you think more critically in all aspects of your life, and allows you to surprise yourself with the things you're capable of."

Shaquelle Duncan Shaquelle Duncan

"Everyone at the law school genuinely wants students to succeed and are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that they do. I have never felt so supported."

Efrain Hudnell Efrain Hudnell

"I made the decision to come to law school for the same reasons that I joined the service: to be a part of something bigger and create lasting, positive change."

Rosemary Kim Rosemary Kim

"I've learned so much about networking, and I find it valuable in shaping the way I learn and behave in law school, especially since the downtown law firms are so close to campus. The professors and lawyers serve as resources to help me understand that law school is more than just reading textbooks."

Lara Diaconu Lara Diaconu

"Philosophically, I was really attracted to the school's Jesuit identity and grounding in social justice principles."

Jennifer Paul Jennifer Paul

"When I leave class, my intellectual cup is filled to the brim with ardent, fascinating lessons in law."


Alisha Trotter '14 Alisha Trotter

Class of 2014
King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office 

Mark Morgan Mark Morgan

Class of 2016
Washington State Court of Appeals, Division One

Emily Gause Emily Gause

Class of 2011
Gause Law Offices

David Wilkinson David Wilkinson

Class of 2012
Attorney, State of Alaska Department of Law

Hannalore Burns Merritt Hannalore Burns Merritt

Class of 2009
Associate Attorney at Waller, Smith & Palmer, P.C. (New London, Connecticut)

Tracy Flood Tracy Flood

Class of 1999
Pro Tem Judge and Adjudicator

Alumni in Non-Traditional Jobs

Katina Thornock Katina Thornock

Class of 2001
Director, Corporate Counsel
Starbucks Coffee Company

Joey Mack Joey Mack

Class of 2012
Talent Acquisition, Legal
(Now working at Microsoft)

Kathy Kim Carpenter Kathy Kim Carpenter

Class of 1995
Business Development Manager
Microsoft Corporation

Joseph Polito Joseph Polito

Class of 2009
Development Manager
Touchstone Corporation

Part-Time Program Alumni

Samir Belyamani Samir Belyamani

Class of 2014
Marketing Regional Director, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Debbie Akhbari Debbie Akhbari

Class of 2013
Associate, Helsell Fetterman LLP

Laura Turczanski Laura Turczanski

Class of 2013
Associate, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

Lola Zakharova Lola Zakharova

Class of 2012
Associate, MacDonald Hoague & Bayless

Gus Lindsey '04 G. (Gus) Benjamin Lindsey III

Class of 2004

Tom Raymond '04 Tom Raymond

Class of 2004

Will Witherspoon '12 Will Witherspoon

Class of 2012

Tammy White '10 Tammy White

Class of 2010