Vicente Omar Barraza

Vicente Omar BarrazaClass of 2010

Omar Barraza has worked for 20 years on issues relating to affordable housing, government and civil rights agencies. Now, after graduating from the part-time program, he has his firm, Barraza Law, PLLC, focusing on helping consumers and small businesses avoid foreclosure, seek bankruptcy relief, and representing small businesses to navigate real estate transactions and contract disputes.

Omar earned a master's degree in Public Administration from Seattle University in 1998 and appreciated the university's emphasis on social justice. Because of its commitment to social justice, as well as its academic rigor, Omar chose to attend Seattle University School of Law.

"The law school takes SU's commitment to a whole new level by encouraging its students to contribute to the community through externship and pro bono social justice training opportunities." Even as an attorney in private practice, Omar continues to volunteer with the Home Foreclosure Project because the law school reinforced his commitment to serving individuals with limited means.

He is also grateful for the law school's Legal Writing Program: "My colleagues want me to do all their writing. My legal opponents have commented respectfully on my work. As a practicing attorney, I realize more than ever the value of the legal writing program and am grateful that I can deliver high quality written legal product with confidence."

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