Shane McKinnie

Shane McKinnie

Class of 2013

B.A., Business Administration, Washington State University 
M.A., National Security and Strategic Studies, Naval War College
Lt. Cmdr., U.S. Navy. (Active duty 2001 - 2010. Navy Reserve 2010 - present)

What led to you pursue a law degree?

A law degree seemed to be a very versatile degree. I also wanted to use the great military education benefit I had been provided: Post 9/11 G.I. Bill.

How has Seattle University School of Law benefited you? What have you found most valuable during your law school experience?

I think the professors at SU are great teachers, and I have learned a lot from them. My externship with a prosecutor's office has been very valuable and has provided me with real-world experience to complement the great instruction I received at SU.

What are your professional and personal goals after law school?

I would like to work for a prosecutor's office when I graduate. Personally, I hope to stay in the Seattle area with my wife and son. For my military career, my goal is to be selected as the commanding officer of my P-3 Orion aviation squadron and complete at least 20 years of total service.

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