Rosemary Kim

Rosemary KimClass of 2020

BA in Political Science
University of Washington, Seattle

What did you do before law school, and what led to you pursue a law degree?

I knew I wanted to go to law school ever since I was in fifth grade. I always found a fascination for law and the kind of impact it has on our society. It's crazy to think that as a fifth grader I already knew how powerful the law was.

Before I came to law school, I was studying political science as an undergraduate and interning at the Seattle City Attorney's Office. Since I knew I wanted to obtain a law degree, as soon as I graduated, I attended law school the following year.

Why did you choose Seattle U?

I heard that Seattle U had the number one Legal Writing Program. Throughout my various legal internships, I had the chance to view different legal documents. Upon looking at these documents, I realized how the legal writing was its own legal language. It became my goal to understand this legal language, and I knew I could learn it by attending Seattle U.

What activities are you involved in at the law school or in the community?

Currently, I am an active member Asian Pacific Islander Student Association and Korean American Law Student Association. I am also working on an immigration project called Immigrant Families Advocacy Project. For this project, I get the opportunity to work with an attorney and fellow colleague, to assist eligible immigrants self-petition for permanent resident status.

What have you found most valuable during your law school education?

During my law school education, I have found it most valuable to connect and talk with my professors and current lawyers who are currently working in the legal profession. I've learned so much about networking, and I find it valuable in shaping the way I learn and behave in law school, especially since the downtown law firms are so close to campus. The professors and lawyers serve as resources to help me understand that law school is more than just reading textbooks.

What do you do outside of law school? What do you love about Seattle?

Outside of law school, I love to cook and hike. Seattle offers amazing hiking and walking trails. I am also involved in my local church, called Blue Sky Church. I assist in childcare there and attend a small group where we have weekly discussions.

What advice would you offer a prospective law student?

Take advantage of the resources the school provides you.

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