Kelli Rodriguez Currie

Kelli Rodriguez Currie

Class of 2014

Master’s in Sport Administration & Leadership dual-degree candidate
B.S., Sport Management
California University of Pennsylvania

What did you do before law school, and what led you to pursue a law degree?

With experience in both business management and technology, I took a step back to stay home with my children for a few years and determine what career I might pursue next. I worked as a personal trainer for several years and began the process of applying to a graduate program in physical therapy.

Though law school had never been a consideration, I sat up late one night reading O’Brien v. NCAA as a part of a course in Sport Law & Business. I was hooked on the nuances of sport law and changed direction to begin studying for the LSAT.

What are your professional and personal goals after law school?

Professionally, I’m interested specifically in collegiate athletics compliance, or in working in-house with a professional or collegiate team. As a dual-degree candidate, I’ve had the unique opportunity to explore the nuances and challenges that face student-athletes as they navigate their careers, and hope to apply that to future work.

How has Seattle University School of Law benefited you? What have you found most valuable during your law school experience?

The dual-degree program has been invaluable in preparing me for a career working within sport organizations by providing the opportunity for active learning of the skills necessary to critically evaluate the many factors that impact sport organizations, including financial analysis, leadership theory, event management, and sport research. Together with a variety of law courses that provide a legal framework surrounding employment and labor law, antitrust, contract, intellectual property, and many more, I am eager to explore the many important legal issues within sport law.

As a member of the Seattle Journal for Social Justice, I have that the invaluable experience of honing my legal research, writing, and editing skills while producing a publication-quality article on a topic I found interesting.

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