Jennifer Paul

Jennifer Paul

Class of 2020

BS, Business
Vanguard University

What did you do before law school, and what led to you pursue a law degree?

I was an optician prior to entering the field of accounting. I'm a financial analyst. I am also pursuing a Master of Professional Accounting here at Seattle University. I'd like to be of service to my community by utilizing my degrees in accounting and law in an executive leadership capacity.

What activities are you involved in at the law school or in the community?

I'm the evening student representative for the Student Bar Association. I volunteer as a low-income tax preparer and quality reviewer for the IRS.

What have you found most valuable during your law school education?

My classmates offer immense support since we are all balancing careers with school.

Seattle University offers an incredible education and overall experience. I have met lifelong friends in my program. The instructors are available to students and they work with our difficult schedules. They are incredibly versed in the subjects they teach, and they encourage the students to participate so as to maximize the experience. When I leave class, my intellectual cup is filled to the brim with ardent, fascinating lessons in law. The people in my cohort have become my close friends, and I'm delighted when I run into faculty and staff. Seattle University offers an enriching, life-changing experience.

What advice would you offer a prospective law student?

Plan your time well, plan time to exercise and have fun to balance out the workload. Make sure that you are passionate about your studies as you must make school a priority. My dedication and fervor for my studies enables me to get through the challenging obstacles of a career and a rigorous education.

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