Adam Star

Adam Star

Class of 2016

B.S., Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University

What did you do before law school, and what led to you pursue a law degree?

Directly after graduation from Cornell, I began my career at the headquarters of Abercrombie & Fitch. It served as a great introduction to working at a large corporation. During my eight years there, I held a variety of roles including merchandising, forecasting, and business analysis. The job also afforded me great opportunity to travel internationally and I spent several weeks at a time on site working and negotiating with our vendors in places like Brazil to get the product made.

In 2012, my wife and I decided on a change and moved here to Seattle to work at Amazon where we are both currently employed. I started out in planning/operations within the jewelry and watch category and just made the switch over to digital video games. There I will be working with the major publishers to license out content internationally and hammering out the details of the contracts.

After moving to Seattle, I decided to pursue my law degree at Seattle University because achieving a J.D. has been lifelong goal of mine. I have an uncle who practices complex corporate litigation and he encouraged me to make the move. I hope to be able to combine my corporate experience thus far in my career to practice some type of transactional law.

What have you found most valuable during your law school education?

As the Berle Scholar, I hope to get involved with the Berle Center symposiums. Also, I am planning to participate in law review or one of the journals.

Outside of the school, my wife and I often travel for both work and pleasure. We both flew over 100,000 miles last year. I am also very big into craft beer as a hobby and the explosion of breweries in Seattle has been quite exciting. I keep active with the Cornell alumni community and participate in get-togethers and interviews with prospective students.

What have you found most valuable during your law school education?

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from the impressive experiences of my professors as well as the varied backgrounds of my fellow students in the evening program. Everyone sharing their wealth of real-world experience has made the doctrine come alive in a way I was not anticipating.

Also, the understanding of the demands that evening students face outside of school by the academic community has also been extremely helpful. While it is a challenge to balance everything, everyone at the school has made us feel at home and really accommodated our needs.

Finally, the writing program has been exceptional, as advertised. The amount of one-on-one attention you get to improve is wonderful. It has been like learning a new language and seeing my improvement over the first year has been the most rewarding aspect of my experience.

What advice would you offer a prospective law student?

It sounds obvious, but preparation is key to success. The more you come into class understanding the material, the more you'll get out of the lectures and be able to participate in the conversation. Learning the doctrine from the reading is important, but to me the most exciting part has been seeing its application and discussing the policy behind it while in class.

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