GRE Information

Seattle U Law accepts GRE General Test scores in lieu of LSAT scores. Please review the following important details if you intend to apply with a GRE score.

  • Applicants must have a reportable GRE General Test score. Score reports are available through ETS. Seattle U Law's GRE School Code is 4536
  • All reportable scores for the last five years must be submitted to the Seattle U Law Office of Admission. The Admission Committee considers the highest GRE scores submitted. 
  • As with the LSAT, there is no required minimum GRE score. All completed applications are reviewed holistically by the Admission Committee, regardless of test scores.
  • Applicants who have a valid LSAT score are not required to send an existing GRE score, but may do so if desired. While the GRE score will be reviewed in this case, the LSAT score will be used as the primary standardized admission test score in the evaluation process.
  • The median LSAT score for incoming Seattle U Law students is 155, which is approximately the 64th percentile. A similar percentile for the GRE score profile is anticipated for this pilot program.
  • Candidates admitted to the School of Law with only a GRE score who subsequently take the LSAT may have their admission offers (and any scholarships awarded) revoked until the LSAT score arrives. Applications will then be re-evaluated by the Admission Committee. Neither readmission nor scholarship offers are guaranteed based on the subsequent LSAT score. 
  • All other application materials (application form, personal statement, undergraduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) must be submitted through LSAC

Contact the Admission Office with any questions about submitting GRE scores. Email or call 206-398-4200.