Learning Experience

Flex JD is a rigorous and academically challenging program that will prepare you to become a capable and skilled lawyer.

Flex JD’s admission requirements and application procedures are the same as for the traditional JD program.


  • Time to complete: 3.5 years (10 terms)
  • Includes three summer terms
  • 25-35 hours/week time commitment for class preparation, assignments, and participation

Online classes and coursework (for online-only and hybrid-online courses)

  • Our professors have designed the program to take full advantage of online tools to provide you with a learning experience that blends the best of our traditional campus-based education with the unique opportunities presented by online learning
  • Weekly activities with rapid feedback and multiple assessment opportunities during each term help you measure your progress and ensure that you master critical knowledge and skills
  • Weekly live online classes with faculty and fellow students (scheduled at convenient times for working professionals) that replicate the traditional law school classroom experience
  • Regular video office hours with faculty ensure that if you need assistance, your professors are just a click away

Required on-campus sessions (for all hybrid-online courses)

  • In-person classes will be held over 2-3 weekends during the fall and spring semesters
  • Classes meet in beautiful Sullivan Hall, the law school’s world-class facility on the campus of Seattle University
  • Classes will build upon your online learning and offer engaging opportunities to synthesize and apply what you have learned
  • In-person sessions scheduled to coincide with a variety of social and extra-curricular opportunities to deepen your connection with your professors, fellow students, the campus community, the legal profession, and the city of Seattle.

Course delivery

Courses are delivered in two formats:

  • Online-only
    • Courses consist of:
    • Live, online classes with professors and fellow students
    • Reading and assignments that you complete on your own time and which will often include interaction with professors and fellow students
    • No in-person classes
    • All summer term courses are delivered entirely online
  • Hybrid-online
    • A blend of online coursework with limited in-person classes
    • 2-3 in-person weekend sessions held each Fall and Spring semesters in Sullivan Hall, the law school’s home on Seattle University’s campus