There is no better way to find out about life as a law student than visiting a first-year class! Contact the Admission Office at 206-398-4200 or at least two days in advance of your preferred date. We will be happy to schedule your visit.

NOTE: The spring semester has now concluded and spring class visits are no longer available. The schedule below is provided for reference.

9:30 AM          
10:00 AM          
10:30 AM Contracts
Prof. Chang
Prof. Chang
11:00 AM      
11:30 AM      
12:00 PM          
12:30 PM          
1:00 PM          
1:30 PM          
2:00 PM   Property Law
Prof. Slye
  Property Law
Prof. Slye
Property Law
Prof. Slye
2:30 PM    
3:00 PM    
3:30 PM    
4:00 PM          
7:30 PM Constitutional Law
Prof. Garden
  Constitutional Law
Prof. Garden
8:00 PM      
8:30 PM      
9:00 PM      
9:30 PM          

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