Official Procedure: Registration and Tuition Payment

Advance registration for fall term is required of all entering students.

Register online by Friday, July 10 to ensure that you are officially registered in the class.

By completing your registration via SUOnline by July 10, you will confirm your enrollment in the first year class and be expected to pay fall term tuition.

Upon registering for class, your tuition is automatically billed. You may view your account charges on SUOnline at that time (a paper bill will not be mailed to you). You may make payments via SUOnline or by check. If you have a credit balance, refund checks will be available at the Business office the Thursday after classes begin or can be direct deposited. To sign up for the direct deposit option, please log on to SUOnline, go to the Students menu and click Student Account Center under Student Billing and Payment. Choose eRefunds from the top menu just below the "Seattle U" logo, and complete the setup process as prompted.

Please contact the Business Office at 206-398-4050 with any questions.

Fall Tuition Payment Information

If you expect to receive a federal Stafford Loan for fall, your loan proceeds will be applied to your account if your financial aid file is complete. In the event of a refund, pick up the refund check at the Business Office at the end of the first week of school or, if you signed up for the direct deposit option, it will be directly deposited.

You should always be prepared to pay for books and other expenses from your own resources for approximately the first two weeks of each term.

If you intend to apply for a Federal Stafford Loan for fall, but have not completed the required online application forms, do so immediately. Please refer to the Post-Admit Checklist (found in your Award Letter packet) for requirements. Call Student Financial Services at 206-398-4250 if you have questions.

If you are not receiving loan monies for the fall, you are eligible to participate in the law School's Deferred Payment Plan. Under this plan, one half of your tuition is due on the last day of the first week of the term. The remaining tuition charges may be made in two equal payments. There is a one-time, per term, 1.5% finance charge on the deferred balance. If you wish to take advantage of this plan, complete the appropriate forms on the Business Office website. Sallie Mae is another deferred payment option. This plan enables you to pay your tuition in installments throughout the year. Visit Sallie Mae for information.

Entrance Counseling and promissory notes are required of all students receiving a Stafford Loan and Grad PLUS (credit based) loan. You may complete Entrance Counseling and the appropriate notes online prior to the first day of class. Your funds cannot be released until these steps are completed.